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The Cheese Stands Alone

This, Peachy claims, is the "purest" immunity challenge yet, because it's entirely based on will. The S3 will stand barefoot on a narrow wooden perch, holding their headdresses above them. Peachy will put collars around their necks with a string of beads attached to their headdress so they can't move too far forward or to the side. It's all very Secretary. Their goal is to outlast the others on the perch: if the player falls off the perch, or if his or her headdress touches any part of his or her head or body, the player's out of the game.

Jenna hands over the necklace and Peachy dramatically announces, "For the last time, this tattered immunity necklace is back up for grabs." He's really working his vocab with the "tattered." He commands the S3 to remove their shoes, take spot behind their perches, hold their headdresses up, step up, find a comfortable spot, relax, and find their balance. The S3 wiggle their feet off over the edges of the perch as Peachy asks, "Everybody feeling good?" Jenna makes a meek noise in response. He further asks, "Are you comfortable?" to which she responds, "No." Peachy asks, "Are you balanced?" to which Jenna also responds, "No." Peachy begins the challenge anyway, and the S3 assume the position. Jenna appears to be wiggling the most and occasionally grunting in discomfort. We see close-ups of their hands and concentrating faces. After a few wobbling seconds (there's no on-screen clock, so we can't tell how long he lasted), Matthew steps off his perch, and it looks like Jenna mouths, "Shit." Peachy tells the others to "hold tight" as he orders Matthew to "squat" on the floor. Alex covers his mouth in surprise at Matthew's early ejection -- or at the far more interesting turn of the game toward S&M.

Rob immediately asks if Jenna wants to make a deal, and she laughs in response while Matthew looks interested. Jenna insists that they should just "fight it out" and then let them winner pick whomever he or she wants to pick. I'd guess Rob is feeling pretty concerned by that response right about now. HeiDDi has a big smile, though, because Jenna said they could pick whomever, they want, so clearly she'll pick HeiDDi! Peachy asks whether Matthew is surprised that Rob tried to make a deal; Matthew admits to some surprise, claiming that if he were in that position, he might do the same thing, but that he didn't do well enough to find out.

Peachy announces that they've made it past the tough point and found their balance. We close up on Jenna's shaking ankles, and both feet hanging almost entirely over the perch's edge. She has very bendy toes. Rob appears to be doing fairly well, and Jenna sneaks sideways glances in his direction as the music swells, so we know someone's falling off soon. I just noticed that Jenna has a thick floral wreath around her ankle -- that can't help much in this challenge. Peachy credits them for making an "impressive showing" to the jury, who look more bored and angry than anything else. Now Rob appears to be worsening, and while Jenna continues to eye him, his head and arms very slowly fall forward, until the beaded string pulls him over and off the perch.

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