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The Cheese Stands Alone

Peachy congratulates Matthew and Jenna for working hard to get to this point, which is as far as they can go on their own in the game. The power now shifts to the jury, with one final Tribal Council in which the S2 will have the chance to plead their cases. He tells them to "think about that!"

In his closing words, Rob asks what he can say after thirty-eight days. He has no complaints and wouldn't change how he played the game. He concludes, "I said I wasn't gonna stop smilin' until they put my torch out. And you know what? I'm still smiling."

The sun rises on Day 39, and Jenna wants to know where their white paint is as they walk toward their calendar. They painstakingly work together to draw a single straight line, as Jenna announces that it's the last time they'll mark their Amazon calendar. Matthew seems amazed that they're the only ones there to witness it. Jenna then pokes the tree on which they've drawn the calendar, announcing that she'll put her fingerprint there "just in case anybody ever wants to arrest me." As we see them continuing to work on the line, Matthew voice-overs that it's "wrap-up" time. He's sad to see it come to an end, because it's been an amazing and unforgettable experience.

The rain clouds roll in, and Matthew and Jenna sit forlornly under the tent. Jenna voice-overs that the weathers been "horrid," and that they decided to "take a look back" and "kinda write everybody's name in white paint in the order they got kicked off. She says this is a ritual about the memories and the people, both of which she claims are important.

Jenna sings Ryan's name as she writes it down. The S2 agree that he was the first person voted off, before Matthew says he was a "pretty decent guy." What a testament to Ryan!

Jenna's not interested, though, and cuts Matthew off to say that Janet was like her mother in the game. Because she was "motherly." Matthew responds, "She was voted off? Damn!"

Actually, he might have exclaimed "Dan!" but how random is that? There's something funky going on with the sound in this segment -- I believe the editors are layering Matt and Jenna's voices over each others so that it flows as a seamless conversation, but the end result is that they seem like they're ignoring each other. In any case, Dan was also a "decent guy," and it was tough to see him go. Jenna never got to meet him. Lucky Jenna. Lucky Dan, too, come to think of it.

It's time to reminisce over Joanna, and Matthew can only say that the members of Tambaqui thought she was "probably pretty tough to deal with." Hee.

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