…And Then There Were Four

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The Cheese Stands Alone

Jeanne was a hard worker, who made Jenna eat her nasty balls, even though Jenna doesn't know that yet.

Jenna singsongs Shawna's name as well, and Matthew definitely remembers her. We also remember her -- either retching or laughing, for the most part, which are the two clips they choose to accompany the Shawna segment.

Matthew snidely proclaims Roger "everyone's favorite." We see a quick clip of Roger likely telling the others what to do.

Jenna won't ever forget Davey Rockett's cries of "Booyah!" and "Bangarang!" Evidently, I've forgotten the "bangarang" part, but maybe I just put it out of my mind.

Deena peers out of a bathtub in a clip, while Jenna explains that she is a strong women with great character. Bitch.

Jenna rambles on about the great time she had with Alex at the Amazon Café.

Matthew thought Christy was the "most independent-minded person" of all the members of the women's tribe. This is accompanied by a clip of Christy kicking Jenna's ass in the log-rolling contest.

Matthew announces, "Your buddy!" as the discussion turns to HeiDDi. Jenna doesn't want to talk about it, because it'll make her cry. Hearing people says good things about HeiDDi makes me want to cry, too. Not that it happens very often. In a clip, HeiDDi smiles in a way she thinks is winning.

Matthew then moves on to "[his] buddy, Butch." He enjoyed Butch's company, and credits his hard work. Butch does the Elbows and Knees Shuffle in a brief clip.

Next is a clip of Rob smiling beatifically while wearing the immunity necklace. Matthew says he owes Rob, and begins to explain why, but the sound trails off. This must have been some boring footage if that's all we get for the "Fallen Comrades" portion of the episode this season. Either the bulk of the S16 are bores or -- and this is the more likely conclusion -- the S2 themselves are bores.

As the camera pans over the names written on the side of a crate, Jenna tells us, "And that sums up fourteen people!" She says they never would have met each other in real life, and that the process of remembering them was closure to a chapter in their lives that won't ever really be closed, but at least will be bookmarked and closed for the time being.

Still water. A bird successfully stands on a perch without wobbling, falling off, or dropping its headdress. Matthew fishes and voice-overs that it feels great that the strategic part of the game is over. Tinkly music plays as he adds that it's been an "incredible evolution" for him to go from being the underdog with "everyone gunning for [him] at every corner," and eventually learn how to build strategy and make it to the final two. He concludes, "It's almost absurd...but somehow I did it."

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