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What's more absurd is that Jenna made it, too. She picks up rotten fruit and voice-overs that, at the age of twenty-one, she's the youngest player and hasn't quite realized what it means to be there. She claims to have worked hard, and feels honored. Making the final two is the biggest accomplishment in her game and in her life, and it hasn't yet sunk in.

Matthew crams his hand into the mouth of a fish as he voice-overs that he's ecstatic to have made it to the final two. We see that they each get their own fish as he continues explaining that although there was luck involved, there was also strategy. He then reveals that he "threw" the final immunity challenge, and fell off the perch "on purpose." For someone who uses expressions like "above the canopy" and "rolling green carpets," and "weed-choked river," his choice of the words "on purpose" is surprising. In any case, he tells us he was convinced that whoever won would select him, and it was a huge risk, but reflected his schooling from Rob, whom he calls a "mastermind" in the game.

Back to Jenna, scooping manioc into a pan. She emphatically tells us that Survivor is not a vacation, but did she expect it to be? She's been pressed to her limits, with highs and lows and no in-betweens. She says that the game has been a chance to learn about herself, her life, and other people. In that order, obviously.

Matthew hacks for the very last time and tells us he's emerging from the game with a new perspective on life. He calls himself a "very intense individual," and thinks he might even be too intense and should go out and enjoy life more. He proposes that he spend more time watching television "versus how I've led my life to date -- for instance, I could spend twenty hours on a weekend studying Swedish." Hee. Although I'm not sure it's what he meant to say, Matt thinks watching television and twenty hours of Swedish study fall into the same category? I knew 90210 was enriching my life.

Matthew eats and boasts that they have two different types of fish, as Jenna preaches to us that we shouldn't "underestimate people because they're [sic] a woman or because they're small or skinny or something." How about if we underestimate people because they're lazy and whiny and spoiled and useless, then? Being on Survivor taught Jenna a valuable lesson: that she can push beyond her limits "especially for me being so young." She feels like she could handle anything we threw at her right now, and if I ever see Jenna on the street, and if I happen to have a rotten tomato in my hand, I'll be happy to help her test that theory.

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