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The Cheese Stands Alone

Matthew and Butch work on the fire as Butch voice-overs that it's just like "college basketball Final Four." And it is, in the sense that there are four of them, but that's about all. In that sense, he could also say it's just like the four seasons, or the legs of a table, or the Teletubbies. He claims it's "big-time" now, and despite the miserable conditions, deep inside he's "jumpin' with joy." And based on his dancing, said "jumpin'" would involve lots of knees and elbows.

As the tribe continues to obsess over the fire, Jenna voice-overs that making the final four and being the last woman is a big deal. She tells us she's "accomplished all [her] goals and then some in this game."

Matthew congratulates Butch on successfully starting a fire without burning down the camp again. Rob announces -- as if it's a revelation -- that "somebody in this foursome is gonna win this game," and that it's really "huge." Jenna claims that she's suddenly glad still to be there, even if tomorrow she'll be happily saying goodbye.

Butch interviews that Jenna wanted to leave the previous night because she's been sick, but that he, Matt, and Rob voted HeiDDi out instead because she was the bigger threat. We return to the tribe, where Jenna claims that even if she doesn't win immunity the next night, she's glad she got to hang out with the men; Matthew and Rob appreciate the sentiment, and then Rob adds that as much as they're adversaries in the game, they're still friends who rely on each other.

It's now Matthew's turn to state the obvious as he tells us that they have three days left, which he expects will be "straightforward." The S4 stand somberly around the fire, including a very still Matt, his arms crossed. He voice-overs that they'll send Jenna home, and then he, Butch, and Rob will face off; he proclaims, "May the best man win!" We return to the group, where Butch exclaims, "What an accomplishment!" before they do a giant, collective fist bop accompanied by a Jackée cheer.

It's morning now, and various wildlife bop, skitter, and slither along. Matthew is awake early, hacking at logs as he voice-overs that he's "kind of enjoying the whole process of demolishing [their] old shelter." Matthew likes demolition in general -- even more so when there are body parts involved. He explains that there is a sense of closure to tearing up the camp, but that he's also hoping to be able to use the leftover wood for the fire so that they'll be able to spend their last few days enjoying themselves.

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