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The Cheese Stands Alone

Shadow passes over the moon again as the S2 arrive at Tribal Council. Peachy has on the bright blue shirt. Yippee! The jury comes in accompanied by the groaning soundtrack. HeiDDi has her slut costume on again. Not that it's particularly distinguishable from her regular clothes. And why do I feel like if you put HeiDDi in a nun's costume she'd somehow manage to skank it up?

Peachy grins as he welcomes the S2 to their final Tribal Council. He congratulates them before explaining that, tonight, the game shifts. Jenna and Matthew either directly or indirectly had a hand in voting out the fourteen other people they started the game with, and tonight, they won't cast a vote, because blah blah the power shifts to the jury, blah blah seven people, blah blah hand in voting out, blah blah fate in their hands. Tonight's Tribal Council is the jury's last chance to gather the information they'll need to decide which one is the most deserving of the title and the million dollars. In a minute, Peachy says, Matthew and Jenna will have a chance to address the jury with their "opening statements," and as we go to commercial, he snits, "Think about what you're going to say."

Another moon shot. This time it's not orange. Jenna doesn't have much to say. She feels like they know enough about her "to make an educated decision, which I know that you will." She played the game "morally," and that means a lot to her. She concludes, "So I'm just gonna end it right there."

Matthew feels like he's done a lot for the tribe, and cites his fishing skills. He thinks he's shown he is dedicated to the tribe, and also that he's a serious competitor who plays with "heart" and has a "never say die" attitude. As Alex rolls his eyes, Matthew says he played the game honorably while maintaining "a level of morality and integrity throughout." He concludes, "And I just wanted to share that with you."

It's now the jury's turn, and Peachy tells them that they can comment or ask a question. Butch is first; he congratulates Matthew and Jenna and begins with his question, but there's a sudden rustling overhead, and Matthew is particularly alert as he yells, "Heads up!" He ducks, but it comes down much more closely to Butch, who also ducks. Jenna doesn't even flinch. Peachy jokes that Butch might want to rethink his question, because "the Amazon is speaking." A flustered Butch continues delivering his clearly rehearsed remarks. He's heard the S2 tossing around the words "honesty" and "integrity," and wants to know if they're claiming that they haven't lied or been deceitful in the game. He wants a "yes" or "no" answer, which they both disregard. Jenna responds that she lied to Deena when she voted against her. She did it because Deena betrayed her and the alliance, and it was the only move to make. On the jury, Deena doesn't look particularly bothered. Matthew lied to Roger -- who, he makes a point of saying, isn't on the jury -- as part of "an alliance strategy at the time to eliminate him." He also "deceived" Alex in order to save his own skin. Butch appreciates their answers.

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