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One of Jenna's responses concerned Deena, who points out that Jenna said Matt shouldn't be there because he doesn't need the money, and asks whether Jenna really thinks their votes should be judged on need and not the way they've played the game. Jenna thinks need should come into it, because that's how she would vote if she were on the jury. So, in other words, because she would vote that way, the others should, too. Deena then says that Matt "very boldly and very clearly stated" a few Tribal Councils ago, "May the best man win." ["Actually, it was 'every man for himself.' -- Wing Chun] Deena was offended, and doesn't know if Jenna was, but thinks it was "a load of hooey." Matthew doesn't remember saying it, but if he did, he "completely regret[s] it." He laughs as he says he's not a chauvinist, and that he's happy Deena pointed it out. Still, he acknowledges that the comment may have reflected his belief that the men had it "all locked up."

Christy stretches as Peachy grins and lowers his head. Peachy loves himself some Christy. She asks Matt what his initial reaction was to finding out he was competing "with a deaf woman like" her. Matthew claims that his reaction was, "You were gonna be, really, just like everyone else." He says he didn't treat her any differently. She further questions whether his opinion of her changed when he found out she was deaf, and he responds that it didn't, adding, "I thought you had a funky accent, that's all." Christy "found it very fascinating" when Jenna said she was handicapped by her beauty. Christy chokes up as she explains that she wonders how that was a handicap, and that she's never heard such a statement "outside of [sic] the real world." Jenna doesn't know if she ever used the word "handicap," but Christy -- and the rest of the viewing population -- remembers quite clearly. Jenna claims she was directly responding to a question about perceptions, and that she didn't mean to compare it to Christy's experiences as a deaf woman. Christy's not having it, and further questions whether Jenna really felt "that [she has] had a handicap because [she's] beautiful." Jenna immediately responds that she didn't mean it like that, but because she was twenty-one "and attractive-looking, and being a swimsuit model," people judge her as unintelligent, not tough, and unable to think for herself.

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