…And Then There Were Four

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The Cheese Stands Alone

Peachy comes to the foreground of the stage and asks, "How. Did. This. Happen?" He further clarifies by asking how a "spoiled twenty-one-year-old swimsuit model [got] all six votes?" He throws the other votes into the air as he calls the contest a "landslide" and "the biggest vote in Survivor history." He points out that Jenna even got Christy's vote, and we see a shot of her "freakin' evil stepsisters" comments. Peachy then promises us that we'll soon hear from Rob, "the smartest player to never win," and also how Matthew feels to have received only one vote. We'll also find out whether Matthew's really "nuts or was it an act?" Peachy tells us that we're live from Manhattan, and the reunion show is coming up. And coming soon to a recap. And here's a happy Joanna: Rudy's there! Yay Rudy!

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