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The Cheese Stands Alone

Rob begs Matt not to screw him over, and Mat responds that he's doing his best to come up with a plan that keeps both their best interests in mind. He then voice-overs that Rob is in "real trouble," explaining that he doesn't have great relationships with either Jenna or Butch, and that his only real relationship in the game is with "yours truly." He brags, "So I'm the only guy who can really keep him going in this game." Matthew urges Rob to trust him, and vows to do his best to "work that deal."

Did anyone else think there was a whole lot of talk in this episode? It's all talk and no action, which is ultimately made worse by the fact that when we finally do get some action, it's not the action we want.

A giant water bubble drops as Matthew acknowledges to Jenna that Rob screwed her. But he's been thinking about who deserves to win, and although Butch hasn't screwed anyone, he also hasn't done much of anything. Matthew doesn't think Butch deserves to be there, and Jenna adds, "Rob has played the damn game!" As we see their cooking pot filled with what appear to be several beetle carcasses -- are they eating them? Or is that the oft-mentioned bug-resembling "babasu"? -- Matthew points out that both he and Jenna have a good shot because they haven't screwed anyone. He thinks it's the one thing he's got going for him, and then very slowly proposes a "secret alliance based on a shared voting strategy": during the next day's immunity challenge, whoever wins will take the other. In an interview, Jenna explains that Matt promised he'd take her to the final two if he won immunity, but she knows people can still lie, and that Matt could end up taking Rob. In that case, though, he'd be putting her on the jury immediately after stabbing her in the back. They shake on the agreement, and as Butch walks by with more wood, they sit and look shifty together. Matthew voice-overs that he and Jenna have an agreement, and that he has to choose whether to honor that alliance, or (and he punctuates the next statement with a heavy sigh) "do some backstabbing."

The S4 look pensive as Jenna voice-overs that neither Butch nor Rob wants to vote for Matt, so she's faced with the opportunity to vote off Butch (whom she doesn't think deserves to be there) or Rob (in revenge for his earlier betrayal).

The S4 arrive at Tribal Council while the Amazonian soundtrack singers grunt, "Hey! Hey! Hey!" The jury comes in, including Christy, who looks very pretty and natural. HeiDDi? Not so much.

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