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The Cheese Stands Alone

Peachy announces that they've now reached thirty-seven days, and asks how Butch feels. Butch responds that it's a wonderful feeling, and that he's accomplished more than he ever dreamed he would. Peachy asks how he got this far, and Butch answers, "I didn't make a lotta loud and noisy comments and didn't cut anybody down. I was very positive with everybody." He always looks for the good in other people, and he tried to "utilize that" throughout the game.

Matthew announces that he had a "very multi-faceted strategy based on honesty and versatility" toward the perplexed members of the jury and remaining competitors. He says he "tried" to be smart and intelligent, but those two traits aren't really a matter of "trying," are they? You kind of are or you aren't. He also tried to maintain his honesty and integrity throughout the game so that the others would trust him. Throughout Matt's speech, someone in editing has gone a little crazy with the "Sounds of the Jungle" CD, and has inserted whip cracking sounds in the background.

Peachy, disbelief in his voice, asks, "Rob, how did you end up in this final four?" Rob responds that he's been asking himself that question all day. He says he's been very fortunate, before launching into a bizarre metaphor involving about zigging when he needed to zig and zagging when he needed to zag. He restates the luck factor, but also credits himself with taking a lot of successful risks.

Peachy announces that there were many times throughout the game when he thought Jenna was going to "try to engineer a quit." He points out that not only is she in the final four now, but that she's there with immunity. Jenna goes on about her "high highs" and her "low lows," saying that there were many times she wanted to quit, but that she would have kicked herself if she gave up. She insists that she's never needed immunity more than she did today, and Rob raises his eyebrows and emphatically nods his head.

Peachy asks Rob just how important immunity is at this point, and how badly he wants it. Rob slow-talks that they're down to four people, one of whom is going home, and that it can't be the person wearing the necklace. In other words: duh, it's important.

Peachy posits that it must have been "a pretty interesting afternoon" around camp, and wonders whether all of the men approached Jenna about her vote. She admits that she talked to all of them, while Rob looks confused. So either Jenna didn't talk to Rob and he's wondering why she claims she did, or she did talk to Rob but swore secrecy, or else he's just constipated again. Jenna says it's obviously been a big "game switch," because she was definitely the next in line to go. Peachy asks how it feels to be in the "catbird seat," and she responds that the biggest difference is feeling like she has control, which she's been lacking in the past few votes. It's good to feel like "you can make an important decision."

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