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The Cheese Stands Alone

Butch announces that his votes are based on strategy and staying in the game. Peachy questions whether he hustled during the challenge today to make sure he could stay in the game, and Butch assures Peachy that he did indeed hustle and is indeed trying to stay in the game.

Peachy inquires as to whether Rob tried to get on Jenna's good side, and he jokingly responds that he tried to make her lunch and told her she looked beautiful. Still, he doesn't think you can do anything after the fact to change the mind of someone with immunity -- he thinks it has entirely to do with what you did beforehand. In Rob's case, I'm guessing that likely fact is something he's not particularly pleased about.

So all the blah blah blah wealreadyknowthiscakes is done, and it's time for the voting. Rob holds up Butch's name and announces, "I don't think all the firewood in the forest is gonna keep your torch lit tonight, buddy." He congratulates him on a nice game.

In return, Butch shakes his head and votes for Rob. He wishes him the best and calls him a "good kid."

We don't see Matthew's or Jenna's votes as we lead up to Peachy's tallying, accompanied by the usual torch shots and sighing singers. Personally, I prefer the grunts. The first vote is for Butch, followed by a vote for Rob. Another Butch. And yet another. And so Butch becomes the next person voted out of the Amazon, and Rob covers his mouth. Mouth-covering is catching, apparently.

Butch is very gracious to his serious-looking tribemates as he heads over for the extinguishing of his torch. The tribe has spoken, and Butch gives them yet another farewell and a good luck. Meanwhile, Rob attempts to make eye contact with Jenna, who's not having it, and Matthew covers his face and shakes his head. Peachy once again heralds the value of immunity, and how quickly it can change the course of the game. He announces that there's one immunity challenge left -- the biggest of the game, because it not only guarantees its winner a spot in the final two, but also the right to choose who else goes along.

As the non-credits non-roll, Butch says that Survivor was the adventure of a lifetime. He played the game hard and well, and he'll never forget it. He then tells us that he means it when he says "Believe in yourself," and that we can do anything if we set our goals and have our dreams and do them! He sounds very unconvincing and sad as he un-enthuses, "Lookit me. I made it to Survivor." Aw. Poor, dumb Butchie.

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