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It's Not "Show Friends," It's "Show Business"

Lex angrily goes on to say to Rob that he had his game "all worked out" until that decision. Oh, really, Lex? You knew how you were going to go into the merge down 5-4 and somehow guarantee yourself safety? Come on. I know he thinks Big Tom would have flipped, but I'm not at all sure that's the case. You know, because it would take a while to wean Big Tom off of Rob's titty. At least three days. Rob knows that would have been Lex's plan, though, and he tells Lex so. Rob also points out that Lex is asking him to screw all the other people he's already made deals with in order to keep a deal with Lex. "You've got more allegiance to them than you've got to me," Lex says with disgust and anger, which is where I started to figure out that these guys are obviously friends off the show, which I didn't know until now. "It's about being betrayed by my friend," Lex says. If you don't see apparitions of Ethan and Jerri laughing hysterically, then you're a better person than I am. Or a blinder person than I am. ["This is where I started screaming at Lex, in the TV, about what an obnoxious hypocrite he was until I was told by the other living humans in the room who actually could hear me to shut up." -- Wing Chun] Rob points out, entirely correctly, that Lex is the one who's putting their friendship at risk, not Rob. Rob is playing the game, and if Lex wants to make that a test of the personal relationship, that's on him. And I could not agree more.

And then Kathy...oh, Kathy. Kathy cries and cries, telling Rob how they were always going to bring him to the end with them. Gee, thanks. Considering that they have no power. "[Lex] was proud to bring you to the final four!" Kathy blubbers. Here we go again, into Kathy's core of hypocrisy and weeping. "It's brutal!" she squeaks as she sniffles some more. "It is," Rob agrees simply. Kathy says to Lex, "I should have listened to you; no friends in this game." Well, yes, Kathy. Lex tells Rob, "You're breaking my heart." Yeah, Lex. My sentiments exactly. You're breaking my heart. "I'm sorry you feel that way," Rob says. "I really, truly am." And I think he really, truly is, as far as Lex taking it as a personal affront. It's so ridiculous, honestly, because Lex has already done this twice. His discussion with Ethan looks particularly hilarious in light of all this.

Kathy does an interview in which she says the following: "Despite the fact that Boston Rob's a really nice kid, there's something inside of him that came out in Marquesa [sic] that's still here." Yes. That would be...wanting to win. "And it's's so sad," she says. My God. With the sadness and the "he's just sick in the head" and the tragedy of it all, that is one of the most ridiculous interviews in Survivor history. In case you've forgotten, not only did Kathy just get through trying to arrange for the screwing of Shii Ann, who is supposed to be her ally, but Kathy spent an entire day with original Chapera crowing about her ability to "swing" to them when it was in her interests to do so. Her efforts to cast Rob as some kind of lonely, miserable bastard do nothing but make her look ridiculous. know, whatever is more ridiculous than plain old "ridiculous." She and Lex sit around talking about how Rob "put a knife in [Lex's] back." Yes! Exactly! Outwit! Outplay! Outlast! Ethan! Colby! Jerri! Which part of this sequence did you not understand? Oh, right. The one where you take what you've been dishing out. Silly me. Kathy whines and cries that she doesn't want to stay, so she's giving her immunity to Lex. He hugs her, all, "Oh, no, don't do that, don't do that," and she interviews that she wants to give away her immunity so she doesn't have to "come back here cowering." Right. So once you get down, you stay down. Better to quit than to fight and lose. She'd better not let Rupert get wind of that. "If Lex got voted out tonight and Boston Rob got away with it?"she asks incredulously in an interview. "Uh-uh. I am not doin' that." Got away with what? I have news for you, lady -- Boston Rob is keeping an alliance with the rest of these people. They're not exactly going to be fired up about exacting vengeance on him. Everyone leaves for tribal council.

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