Anger, Tears And Chaos

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It's Not "Show Friends," It's "Show Business"

Jeff goes off to tally, and soon returns, as the castaways shiver miserably in the rain. Rob's teeth literally chatter. First vote is for Amber. Second one, too. But then it's Lex, Lex, Lex, Lex, Lex, and that'll do it. Adios, tattoo man. Go take a big swig of Get Over Yourself, and I'll catch you on the flip side. Lex hugs and kisses Kathy, who is crying again some more. Snuff! Goodbye, you big big freak. Jeff sends them on their way.

In his exit interview, Lex is obviously disappointed, but he blathers about his wonderful family and how lucky he is. He says he's rooting for Big Tom. Who voted him out, of course. Incidentally, Shii Ann did, too, so she apparently thinks she's doing some kind of swing maneuver, which...yeah. Not.

Next week: Kathy tries to muster up a vote against Jenna, who smells a switch where she and Rupert may be replaced in the alliance by Kathy and Shii Ann. There is video from home. And Rob, I can already tell, is going to make me laugh some more. Oh, sue me.

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