Anger, Tears And Chaos

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It's Not "Show Friends," It's "Show Business"

Day 26, Camp of the Merged. Some of the womenfolk are working on a new tribe name. Amber suggests Sapera Mogo. Um, no. She then suggests Bogamopera. Um, also no. My favorite is actually Alicia's next suggestion: Chaboga Mogo. This makes everyone sing and dance -- though it doesn't take much to make the ex-Chaperians dance -- so if I were in their position, I'd go with that one. Better to take the name that makes everyone dance than the one that makes everyone say, "Are we an allergy medication?" Lex interviews (with a baseball hat on sideways like a moron) that he's happy that they're merged, because now "the game is changed up." Yeah, I'll say. "Changed up" in the sense of screwing your sorry ass. He says that, for a "game player" like him, that's just big fun! He loves playing the game! He's a game player! If you freeze-frame Lex during this interview, by the way, with the facial expression and the hat and everything, you will lose any respect for him that you have ever had. I'm not kidding.

Lex and Rob take a walk. Rob interviews, quite hilariously, that Lex approached him right at the merge and asked him to "make [Lex] feel comfortable" by reassuring him that Lex was safe. What Rob tells Lex is "I will do everything I can." He also tells Lex, "You've got other friends in this game, too." Lex is just beginning to get the fact that he's utterly screwed, because Rob is not coming at him with the "of course you're safe" that he was expecting and hoping for. Rob interviews, laughing the entire time, that he could hardly believe that Lex truly thought he intended to switch alliances and help Lex if Lex helped Amber. "You guys didn't really believe that, did ya?" he asks rhetorically, with a devilish laugh. Lex attempts to threaten Rob vaguely by saying that if he gets any feeling that he's going to get screwed, then he'll...he'll...yeah, it's hard to say exactly what Lex and his mighty alliance of two are going to do about it, considering that Shii Ann will skitter over to the other side like a cockroach when you turn the lights on. Back in Rob's interview of big chuckles, he says that he's been playing the game from the beginning, and that everything in the game? Is a game.

Now, Rob and Amber sit on a rock and talk. He tells her how happy he was to see her emerge with the rest of them at the reward challenge. "When I saw you come out at that challenge, I was, like, so happy, when I seen [sic] was so happy," he says. She smiles shyly. Then, it's time to talk business. "Listen," he says, "this is the way it has to go down. We need to get rid of Lex tomorrow." Amber comes back: "Why not Jenna or Rupert first?" Wow. So much for bonding over deodorant, huh? Amber says that she's still in the game because of Lex and Kathy, and Rob buries his head in his hands, wanting to give her a solid "ay yi yi." "Don't go soft on me," he says. "I know it sucks. I promised him the same thing." Amber says that it's not even the promise that's bothering her -- it's the fact that she and Rob are doing so much manipulating at this point that she thinks they risk attracting a lot of attention. Rob tells her that there's no threat, because "once Lex is gone, Big Tom doesn't have a leg to stand on." You can tell a lot from that statement -- first of all, that Rob, just as has always been suspected, is still a mighty sexist, I think, and really only fears action by the men. So his fear is a Lex-Big Tom alliance to challenge them, and that's why he wants Lex out now. He doesn't fear Kathy, Shii Ann, Jenna, and Alicia ganging up, even though it could easily happen. Rob assures Amber that Jenna and Rupert and Big Tom are plenty willing to screw Rob and Amber over if it comes to that. Amber interviews that she and Rob are really up against it, because they have entirely too many deals in play. At the end of this conversation, though, Rob says, "Yeah, I definitely missed you." And he wraps his arm around her, and she leans on his shoulder and smiles, and he smooches the top of her head. Kinda cute, in its way.

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