Anger, Tears And Chaos

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It's Not "Show Friends," It's "Show Business"

Now it's time for Rob and Lex to go head-to-head. And this one, of course, matters enormously. They're tied at one buoy. Tied at two. Tied at three. Tied at four. Tied at five. Both guys surface, and Rob is a little slower to go back under, giving Lex a small lead. Lex manages to get his ninth buoy up before Rob gets his eighth, and it looks like Lex is going to take immunity, which would be quite a wrench to throw into the works at this point. ["Because there'd already been so much talk about how he was definitely going, I thought he'd win immunity for sure." -- Wing Chun] But when Lex goes back for the last one, he can't get it free before he has to come up again. They tie at nine buoys each, and they both go back under, but Rob gets his buoy free and Lex does not. Thus does Rob snatch immunity from under the nose of Lex, who is certainly taking quite the karmic smacking this week. They haul themselves up on the raft, and you can see that Lex knows that this is a problem. This was a challenge he wanted and needed to win, and he's just kinda figuring out how much he needed to win it. Kathy and Rob are both given their necklaces. There is much applause. Jeff recaps that two people have immunity, and everybody else is vulnerable. Lex looks miserable. Yeah. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, dummy.

We now learn that the tribe really is Chaboga Mogo, because that's the on-screen caption as we return to camp. Lex and Kathy sit down for a chat. Lex says that it's "very telling" that after they've spent a day together in a merged camp, Rob hasn't "lifted a finger" to make Lex and Kathy feel comfortable. Aw, boo hoo hoo. "I'm so discouraged by it," Kathy says unhappily. In an interview, Lex admits that he "made a huge mistake" and "a potentially game-ending blunder" by getting rid of Jerri instead of Amber. "I think I may be about to pay for it," he says. Oh, if only he had maintained this level of Zen. There is a summit of Lex, Kathy, and Rob off in the woods somewhere. Rob tells Kathy and Lex that he really appreciates what they did in saving Amber, but that he has an alliance with the former Chaperians, and he's sticking with it. "I can't even believe what I'm hearing," says a righteously indignant Lex. He cannot believe it. Lex comes back: "That was not a game or strategy decision. It was a brother coming to another brother saying, friend to friend...." Rob puts in this absolutely correct and brilliant piece of analysis: "If it wasn't a game or strategy decision, then you have nothing to be angry about." Did you hear that? That is right on target. If Lex did it out of friendship, then he wouldn't be expecting a payoff in voting. Rob knows damn well that it was a strategy decision, which you can tell by the way Lex and Kathy talked last week about how when it came time, they were confident Rob would deliver on the agreement. Had that not been the motivation, that conversation never would have happened. Say what you want about Rob -- merciless, sexist, obnoxious, and so forth -- but the kid is not dumb.

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