Anger, Threats, Tears…And Coffee

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A Grown-Ass Man Saves His Grown Ass

But now, it's voting time. Sarge votes. Twila votes. John votes for Chad. "I'm afraid you might sneak by some more, and I need you to go," he says. Julie votes. Chad votes. Chris votes.

Jeff returns with the Urn-O-Names. The first vote goes to John. Then Chad. Then John. Then John. Then John. So in spite of the efforts to create suspense, that is indeed it for the pretty boy. Snuff! And then John turns around, and while he doesn't actually give the finger when he says, "Take it easy," I think the finger is implied. (Officially, it's a hang-ten sign with the index and pinkies, but it sure looks like a flip-off to me.) Jeff reminds them all that you never know whom you can trust, and he sends them all back to camp.

In John's exit interview, we learn that he played and he lost. He hopes Chris wins, he hopes Sarge comes in second, and everybody else can bite it. Ah, well. Not everyone is a poet.

Next week: Sarge's naked ass. No, seriously. And Rory figures out that his tribe is worthless, which means he was a little slow to catch that snap. "Everything is turned on its head," whatever that means. Something about merging? Who knows. I'm anxious for the merge, myself, because this has been the most smoothly-executed pre-merge sequence of all time, and it's actually very boring.

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