Anger, Threats, Tears…And Coffee

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A Grown-Ass Man Saves His Grown Ass

Eliza opens her envelope. Leann opens hers. Scout explains that her letter is from her partner, Annie. She calls Annie an "amazingly beautiful human being." Which is what you want to think about your partner, I suppose. There's a very nice picture of Scout with Annie in here, and it makes Scout get very weepy. Ami gets very weepy, too, and it turns out that her dad has reminded her that her little brother is watching over her. From heaven, because he died in a car accident. You guys, this is the most depressing Folgers commercial ever.

Meanwhile, Rory cries when his wife tells him in a letter not to be an asshole. She is no fun at all. Well, what she actually says is, "Though you may not be able to change the situation, you still have control over how you will respond." Translation: "Don't be an asshole." And he actually gets it, too, chuckling in an interview about how it came at just the right time, when he was about to salt the earth and such. Suddenly, Ami announces to Rory that she feels "a very strong bond" with him. It's a very strong bond only in the abstract, of course, because he's still dead meat, but that doesn't make it insincere. Or something. He tells her that he thinks they'll kill at the immunity challenge, because they'll all be hopped up on coffee. Interesting theory, and not entirely without merit. Rory tells us that although it was very warm to see everyone as actual human beings, it's still all about the game. He insists that he has not forgotten where he is, and then he takes a sip of coffee. From, you know, some coffee company or another.

Volcano! And then it is the next morning. At Lopevi on Day 17, Julie and Twila go for a walk together. They sit, and Julie asks Twila if she's had a final four offer. Twila's like, "Well, did you?" And Julie demurs shyly, causing Twila to demur shyly, and then Twila laughs, and Julie laughs, and Twila walks away with the impression that Julie was also promised final four. Which...Julie actually didn't say, you'll notice. But Twila did, and she gave it away. Twila interviews that Sarge told her that she and Chris and Sarge and Chad would be final four, but it turns out they told Julie the same thing. Julie explains in an interview, though, that they didn't. She was just trying to find out whether they told that to Twila, and now she's convinced Twila that the guys aren't to be trusted. So now Twila doesn't trust the guys, which works great for Julie. Julie chuckles that her plan worked for now, and it's actually as much as I've liked anybody this season. Because she did it right, and while she's glad it worked, she's not crowing about it too much. She and Twila share a giggle about how unlikely it was that they would wind up as allies, and interestingly, I don't think Julie's being entirely insincere in being friendly to Twila, even though she's full of shit about being approached for F4. I do think she's kind of gotten more fond of Twila's quirky personality over time.

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