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And now, it's time for Danielle. Bitter, bitter Danielle. She has nothing nice to say to Li'l Russell, of course, saying "it's clear that there's been a lack of skill in your jury management," then asking if he would change anything about his game based on what he's heard from the jury thus far. Of course he wouldn't! He says he doesn't regret anything because playing like this is what got him to the Final Three. "I'm not gonna sit here and tell you what you wanna hear," he says. He thinks she wants him to say he wouldn't have voted her out. I don't know if that's the case. I think she -- along with everyone else -- wants to hear Li'l Russell be, like, a human being and apologize for the unnecessary stuff he did to them. Which he won't, because at this point I think he truly believes that everything he did was necessary. That, or he realizes that nothing he can say will make a difference. "You're not gonna get any votes. Nobody respects the way that you played the game, Russell," Danielle says. "I wouldn't change anything and I don't regret it," he says. "Okay. That's too bad," she says.

Jerri claims that she is "100% undecided" on who to vote for tonight and asks Li'l Russell why he voted her out instead of Parvati, as planned. Li'l Russell says his plan was indeed to keep Jerri, but then when he thought about it, he decided it would be a better "strategic move" to keep Parvati and vote Jerri out, because he thought Jerri would win more jury votes because she was so nice to everyone. Way to be sort of humble that one time, Li'l Russell. If he had been able to even fake that a few more times tonight, he might have gotten one vote. And also, we have Parvati there to speak up and say that Li'l Russell told her he was voting Jerri out to get her vote on the jury. "He wanted you on the jury," Parvati says. Jerri's eyes bulge slightly. "He knows he's getting your vote tonight," Parvati says. "And it makes sense," Li'l Russell mumbles. "You know what they say about assuming," Jerri says. "It makes an ass out of u and me," Parvati finishes. Jerri then turns to Sandra and says that, despite her claim that she's so honest with people, she blindsided Jerri. But she doesn't actually have a question with that, and Sandra has nothing to say.

Candice congratulates the Final Three before turning to Li'l Russell and saying that people lie in this game, but he went "too far" and told "dirty lies. Lies that you didn't need to tell. And you hurt people doing that." Li'l Russell won't lose because the jury is bitter. He didn't lose last season because the jury was bitter. He lost because he was a horrible person to everyone, delighted in making his tribemates miserable, and then expected them to get over it and vote for him. Candice then accuses Parvati of being "under Russell's thumb" for the entire game and compares their relationship to an abusive marriage. Parvati smiles and shakes her head, but Candice continues that she was waiting for Parvati to make a move and cut Li'l Russell off and get out of that alliance. "I wanted it so bad for you," she says; "I like you, but I can't support that." She says she'll be basing her vote tonight on how the remaining contestants treated people. "It's not just what you stand for. It's what you fall for, too," she says. Very insightful, but I should point out that Candice fell for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And that she had a chance to make a move against Li'l Russell but chose to align with him instead.

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