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Probst asks Sandra how much she believes what she hears people say around camp. Sandra says you can't believe anyone in this game. Probst then turns to Parvati and says that, surely, she must trust the people in her tribe that she's been with "from Day One." Parvati says she didn't trust them in the beginning, and she certainly doesn't trust them now, especially with Colby saying that she would have been the one leaving tonight if she hadn't won immunity. So she'll believe Colby but not her own alliance? She says her tribemates have promised her just about everything, but that doesn't mean they'll deliver it. Probst asks Li'l Russell the same question. Li'l Russell says he "hopes" that the alliances he built in the beginning of this game hold up at the end. Probst turns back to Colby and says it looks like the Villains' mistrust of each other is his only hope, then sends Parvati off to vote him out. Colby votes for Sandra. Sandra votes for Colby, her speech to him being, "Today's your day to go home, so, adios," which is by far the nicest vote speech we've seen her give this season, except for her vote for Courtney. Probst reads the votes. No surprise here -- Sandra gets one and Colby gets the rest. He gives Jerri a hug good-bye and exits the game, which he should have done about 30 days ago.

The Final Four return to camp. They celebrate, and then Parvati comments about how Rupert looked like "a crazy serial killer" in the jury, and she was afraid that he would lose it and try to kill them right there at Tribal Council. No, no, Parvati: he'd save that for the Final Tribal Council, when he'd be sure to get the maximum amount of camera time and ratings. Parvati and Jerri agree that Rupert is a lunatic, while Sandra just says, "So what? He wrote my name down. I don't care." Awesome. She's so dismissive, even of someone who I think is sort of her friend and almost definitely has rage issues over what he perceives to be betrayal. Parvati interviews that she was a little surprised to hear that the others consider her to be such a jury threat, and now believes that winning the next immunity challenge is do-or-die for her.

The next morning, Li'l Russell and Jerri discuss how important it is that one of them wins immunity over Parvati, so they can vote her out. Li'l Russell starts talking about how the jury thinks Parvati is good at strategy, when really he was the one making all the moves. Jerri quickly agrees, saying Parvati was "tucked under [Li'l Russell's] wing the whole time." What, what? Since when do trolls have wings? I think Jerri is confusing Li'l Russell for, like, a wyvern or something. Anyway, this may shock you, but Li'l Russell agrees with Jerri's assessment of his own amazingness. He interviews -- in the same interview that we saw before Colby was voted out, by the way, so who knows when during the game it was actually shot -- that he's now considering voting Parvati out.

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