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Dumb Luck

Jeff asks "Dreamz" whether he thinks people are speaking to each other, as much as to him, and "Dreamz" is like, "Yes, asshole, because that's what you're telling them to do." But he says it nicer. Jeff asks how this vote will change the game, and Mookie says it will show who's telling the truth and who's lying.

Time to vote. Alex votes for Michelle, adding a smiley-face. It's nothing personal. Stacy votes. Michelle votes. Mookie votes for Stacy. "You were on the list of people to go." "Dreamz" votes. When Jeff returns with the urn of votes, the first one is for Stacy. Then Michelle. Then Stacy. Then Michelle. And then...Michelle. Boo! She brings over her torch and is snuffed. That's kind of sad. And more to the point, it's kind of random, which is what makes it unsatisfying. Jeff lectures that this vote will have a big impact, and he sends them back to camp.

In her closing comments, Michelle says that she was very proud of how she did, and that she's just as good as she thought. Heh. Normally, I find that really annoying, but I will be the first to admit that I did underestimate her because of her Valley Girl voice, so she's probably more entitled than most to a speech that says, "See? I really am pretty good, so stop calling me Squeaky."

Next week: Mookie and "Dreamz" fight. Mookie is mad at...Cassandra? Really? And "Dreamz," it appears, is going to give up the idol. The plan for secrecy is not going so well.

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