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Edgardo reads a note that's been waiting for them, which tells them to rebuild everything -- name the tribe, paint the flag, and so forth. They eventually pick out a couple of words they know, and rather than name the tribe "Thank You," they decide to name it "Hello." Actually, "Hello Hello," which is "Bula Bula." It's like they named it directly out of a phrasebook, so I should be glad it doesn't translate into English as "Bathroom Bathroom" or "Library Library." In any event, it's "Bula Bula." "Either that or the Nookie Nookie tribe," Boo offers, and for some reason, it does come off funny. Maybe it's the idea of Boo being on Bula Bula. I wonder if Boo will get booted from Bula Bula. I hope it doesn't really surprise him, because then it would be like someone jumping out and saying...well, you know.

Stacy and Michelle take on the task of painting the flag and, as is often the case, if you're willing to do work, you can get a lot of alone time, because people are lazier than they are suspicious, at least on this show. The two ladies get chatting about the tribe and being sure of things and whatnot. Michelle is worried about the closeness of Stacy and, I think, the original Moto members -- namely Boo, Alex, and Edgardo -- but Stacy sort of evades the issue by assuring her that, at least in the short term, they as "girls" won't be threats, because the guys will just be competing with each other. Stacy interviews that this is really what she thinks -- that "boys are going to be attacking boys." Oh, boys. She has not counted on the horseboys, of course, because horseboys stick together. Apparently, she also has not looked at the way the season has gone up to this point, which has not exactly been a great run of triumphs by women.

Earl, for his part, interviews that there is "a tribe within the tribe," and it consists of him, Michelle, Cassandra, and Yau Man. As far as he's concerned, the four of them are going to knock out old Moto one at a time. Alex claims that the next few hours will determine who the final five are, which apparently means he has not watched the show very much. Boo tells us that he had a good position in the first Moto and a good position in the second Moto, and now he's just hanging back and waiting to "assume a leadership role again." Huh. Really? "Again"? I would not have pegged Boo as a leader, but then...I may be understating the power of Boo. He's Boo-rageous. Or Boo-mendous. He's the Boo Man Group.

Mookie now has a little chat with "Dreamz," Cassandra, and Yau Man, in which he claims to have connected with "Dreamz" back at Ravu. I’m not sure why he's doing this in this particular way -- I thought the whole idea was to pluck one person at a time and bring them over to the "horsemen" side. Furthermore, Mookie was supposed to work on Michelle. Why is he telling all this to Yau Man and Cassandra, who are now only going to assume that Mookie and "Dreamz" are plotting, probably against them? Yau Man tells Mookie that he's glad Mookie didn't "go over to the dark side." It does seem oddly appropriate for Yau Man to be throwing around the Star Wars references. Mookie claims in his interview that this was all part of the "horsemen's" plan, and he and "Dreamz" ask about Boo's status. Yau Man and Cassandra explain that the possible first boots are pretty much Boo and Stacy, from the Moto perspective. Mookie insists in an interview that it's all working out so far, and that they just have to stick to the plan. Always, always stick to the plan. As all these people chat, Yau Man voices over that, at this point, he has the only immunity idol that he knows of, but he knows that there should be another one, so he needs to figure out who has it. He thinks that he and Earl have the votes of Mookie and "Dreamz," to get rid of Boo and Stacy, but he knows better than to trust anyone at all.

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