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Dumb Luck

Of course, if everybody were smart, this would become an epic battle to lose this challenge, because both teams are clearly dominated by one of the two basic factions. The green team is dominated by Alex et cetera, and the orange team is dominated by Earl et cetera. Either team could lose this challenge and have a free shot at a core member from the other side, and the only effect would be the same as "winning" the battle of the factions at a full-size tribal council. Losing this challenge essentially gives you the huge advantage of nullifying the votes of most of the members of the other side, while still leaving you one to vote out. There's really no reason why either team would want to win this challenge. Note: this is very different from normal challenge-throwing, because here, throwing the challenge allows you to take out a person you would want to take out anyway this week, while a normal challenge throw while there are two tribes means that you send home somebody instead of potentially nobody. But there's not a lot of time to come up with this theory.

The teams put themselves in their boats. The masks are revealed, and once the teams have studied the symbols, they start paddling. Yau Man turns out to be better with the big fork than Stacy is, so he gets the orange pieces down first. "Dreamz" takes over for Stacy, but he fails as well, and Alex takes a shot. Yau Man gets the second bag for his team before Alex gets down the green team's first bag, so now green is behind. Yau Man is the king of the corkscrew thing, so Orange is way ahead. Green tries to make up time in the boat, but they're really behind now. Jeff tries to convince them that they're still in the game. Yau Man and Earl start the puzzle for orange. Green arrives, and Michelle and Alex start on their puzzle. The green puzzle-solving appears to be going more smoothly, but orange is still ahead, and Earl and Yau Man start sliding pieces in. Orange gets finished, and Jeff announces that they have the win. Michelle, no dummy, looks grim. So that's a feast for most of Michelle's peeps, but things are not looking good for her, although it's certainly possible that she could get Mookie and "Dreamz" to vote with her against Stacy, if she had a chance to tell them that she's happy to do that -- which they may not know.

But guess what? No time for convincing, because the note that Jeff is holding on to tells the team that there's no time for strategizing, because they have to go directly to tribal council.

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