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Jeff asks Jonathan whether he's surprised by any of this. Jonathan says he's "disappointed" that Adam and Parvati have had such an "influence" on the rest of the group, to the point where they're going to forget "the flop that [he] made for them." Adam laughs contemptuously and says, "Once again, Jeff, just like last tribal council, no one wants Jonathan around. Just the fact that there's six Good People out here that really deserve to be here..." "Why don't I deserve to be here?" Jonathan asks. "Just your integrity. You don't have any," Adam lectures.

Time out. Can we talk about integrity for a second? Can we chat about what the possible meaning of that can be in a situation like this? Because it seems to me that there are a few options. The first is non-game-related integrity about your way of treating people. Like not calling a person a "cancer" or a "filthy rat" just because you don't like the way he voted. In other words, not being a gratuitous asshole. I haven't seen Jonathan do anything that constituted being a gratuitous asshole. A bit of a boor, I suppose, with the burping after tribal council, but I don't think we've come to the point where burping or not burping qualifies as a mark of integrity. The second option would be community-related integrity not related to voting. In other words, you have to do your share to contribute to the community resources like food, water, and so forth. It looks perfectly obvious to me that Jonathan has held his own in this regard, and there's no basis for any complaining. The third option would be game-related integrity in the sense of playing the way you say you play. If you say you'll do anything for a million dollars, then when you actually do that, then you still have this kind of integrity, where at least your words match your deeds. I haven't seen Jonathan go against this kind of integrity in any way. The fourth option would be game integrity where you are always up-front and honest about what you're going to do about voting. I think this tends to be the sticking point: is it or is it not okay to intentionally mislead other people about what you're going to do? Is it okay for me to tell you, "I am going to vote for person A," if in fact, I am going to vote for you? If you ask me, am I allowed to say I'm voting for person A, or am I obligated to say I am voting for you? If I do, are you obligated to tell me what you plan to do to save yourself? Are you obligated to tell me what offers you're going to make? Is it acceptable to lie by omission by simply not telling me what offers you're making? This kind of "integrity" is completely unworkable in this game. I'm convinced, though I can't prove it with math, that if other people play rationally, it's basically impossible to win if you are constantly very up-front about who you're going to vote for and what your long-term intentions are.

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