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"You flop all the time, and it's frustrating to see, every time we come to tribal council, to see them [gesturing at the jury] over there, and he should have been voted out each time they were voted out." Huh. I believe that Brad, Rebecca, and Jenny were all voted off by blocs including Adam, who I believe could have voted Jonathan off in any of those three cases. Jonathan, fortunately, calls bullshit on this immediately: "I beg to differ, okay? All of the people that were voted off from Raro were not voted off only by me." Thank you! "You know, I was in a desperate situation where I had come over there, and it was their tribemates who voted for them." I prefer to think Jenny makes a face like she agrees. Jeff asks Jonathan whether he thinks that the Aitu four owe him something for "saving them" and giving them a shot at winning. Jonathan makes an error by saying yes, and that "some of them would not be here" if he hadn't flopped when he did. True, of course, but you can't possibly expect debts to be repaid in that way. To the degree that Jonathan did anything other than act out of self-interest (including helping the Aitu people because he liked them better, as I think he did), he did it because it didn't really matter what he did, because he wasn't going to win anyway. I don't think he can expect people who do have a chance to win to harm their chances to pay him back for that. He reiterates that he thinks he's earned his right to be here, both tonight and for another three days. I could go the rest of my show-watching life without "earned" or "deserved," and I wouldn't miss either one.

Jeff asks Yul about the fact that Jonathan is saying he saved the four, while he's heard Yul say they saved Jonathan. Which is it? Yul quite rightly points out that it's both -- they both would have been screwed if they hadn't gotten together, which is how these things work, if you think about it, so it's kind of a dumb question. That's why alliances form -- they're in everyone's interest.

After clarifying that Ozzy isn't planning on giving away the idol (duh), Jeff moves along to the vote. Becky votes. Sundra votes. Jonathan votes for Adam, calling him "the biggest threat." Parvati votes. Ozzy votes. Adam votes for Jonathan, smirking, "You should have been voted out a long time ago." Yul votes. When Jeff returns, he reads off the votes, all of which are for Jonathan except Jonathan's own. Adam looks over at Candice and grins and waggles his eyebrows, and she mouths back, "Good job." They are such idiots. You are still not winning. You have gained exactly nothing. Candice, in particular, is just as gone as she was five minutes ago. These people are barely smart enough to clip their own fingernails, I swear. Not to mention, since when is the jury allowed to talk to the people still in the game? Can we get a ruling on that, please? Because if mouthing is allowed, I think some other people might like the opportunity to take part. Would you be allowed to mouth "vote off Adam"? Jonathan takes his snuffing like a champ, and on his way out, he turns and says over his shoulder that he wants his hat back. Heh. You really shouldn't want it back, dude.

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