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So Parvati is choosing someone to send to Exile Island, and she sends Jonathan, as you would expect. Yul reaches over and gives Jonathan a sideways squeeze. Jonathan does not ask Jeff whether he's allowed to say goodbye; he and Stacy just cross the stretch of sand in the middle and have another hug and kiss. Remember how I said Jonathan just kind of isn't impressed with Jeff as an actual authority figure? Exactly. That was it right there. Furthermore, I will say: now that is a good kiss. And it's a good hug, with his hand on the back of her head. Hugs are so important and underrated, in that good hugs bond you to people so effectively and bad ones make you feel like you don't know them and remain in your memory for years. My other favorite, favorite thing is that as Stacy and Jonathan break apart, he smiles sort of mischievously, and you can read a lot of "Hey, don't sit around being sad about it." He gives her a loving swat on the ass as she starts to turn away, and he smiles goofily and says, "Love you." That is enviable, it really is. Which might explain why I am sitting here, envying it. And then as Jonathan walks off, just for a second, Stacy puts her crossed hands on her chest. Then she turns off to the side away from the camera as she starts crying. Ha. Boy, if that ain't love for you, you know? That little moment where her hands fly up involuntarily, like she's keeping her heart from tumbling out. You can't fake that. You can kind of see how, even when it is only thirty-nine days, that line between how ten seconds ago she could hug him and now she can't has sneaked up and sucked, hard.

So now, two other survivor/LO pairings get to come with Mike and Parvati, unsurprisingly. What is a little surprising is that Mike is going to be the one to choose. And nobody, including Parvati, can say anything. So presumably, this is entirely based on who Mike got to know while they were all being transported or whatever, and/or whoever he decides on sight is most deserving, and/or whoever he thinks on sight would be Parvati's friends. The first person he picks is Sundra's mom, whom he calls "Jeannette" but also "island lady," so there's presumably a story there, though I don't know exactly what it is. Given one more choice, Mike predictably takes George, the other dull, middle-aged dude. All the loved ones who weren't picked are sent away. Off with you, actual interesting loved ones! Interestingly, Becky's sister, who comes off like quite a sensitive soul through all of this, has an arm around a still-unhappy Stacy as they head off. Jeff says that the chosen LOs will be going back to camp with the group, and later, a boat will retrieve those who are going on the reward. Folks leave for camp.

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