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Aitutonga, Day 31. Once again, the crabs scatter. ("God, don't these people ever leave? Hey, get your claw off me.") Parvati tells us she was really happy that she won. Adam and his dad have a private moment, in which Adam says he's glad that his dad is there, which I believe. He also says that he wouldn't have had much luck describing this experience in words, which I extra-believe. "It was great to see George here!" says Adam. "George is muh dad, and I call him George because he's muh best friend." Wow. George tells Adam that he's proud of him, and calls him "buddy." As you'd think. Meanwhile, Sundra's mother kibitzes her wood-gathering skills. Sundra explains the not-uncommon theory that you want your relatives to come and experience it for themselves, just so that they'll understand it better. Sundra's mom looks into the water barrel and is not too thrilled about the way the water looks. Sundra's mom assures her that they boil it. There is lots of hugging by the assorted relatives, while those who have no one to hug look on uncomfortably. Ozzy interviews that he's very annoyed about the fact that he feeds people who then go out and beat him in competitions. Dude, seriously. It's like Parvati ate Ozzy's mom.

Here comes the boat to pick folks up for the reward. They all get on the boat, and as they leave, Yul and Ozzy review the food situation -- they have fruit, and Ozzy is planning on going fishing. Yul tells Becky and Ozzy that he's happy they have this time together. Ha. "Imagine what this would be like in the final couple of days," he says.

We go out to check in on the reward group. First, a cloud of stingrays swims under the water. At Mitiaro Island, a large crowd of locals appears over a hill to fetch the arriving crowd -- Adam and George, Parvati and Mike, and Sundra and Jeannette. They're all wearing flowered leis. Not that the locals here aren't lovely, but it's hard for this not to just seem like a less interesting retread of the Aitu reward from the first challenge after the mutiny. Parvati does say it was "unbelievable." The locals take them into a cave with a large pool of water at the bottom. And it's fresh water, which Sundra points out was something they hadn't had much of in a while: "Like a little piece of heaven just dropped right off the side of the road." I think that simile got away from her just a little bit there at the end when the road started to get in the picture, but I'm sure fresh water is nice if your baths usually leave you all crusty and salty. Parvati is given a little vial of oil (maybe) to "anoint" the pool at the bottom before they can all jump in. She sprinkles it on command, because that's a task that's thoroughly within her abilities. She explains that this, much like Survivor itself, is a religious ceremony completed twice a year. Once she has anointed the water, everybody gets to jump off this ledge into the pool of water. Adam basically does a cannonball. Sundra says that all cultures have things in common.

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