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Now, of course, there is eating, meaning that people have to obligingly list for the benefit of their interviewers all the food that was provided. Parvati tries to flirt with the camera while explaining how much she loves biscuits. If only she had a bathtub handy. Of course, the lovely picnic that follows has to be interrupted by Parvati's Jonathan hatefest about how the goal for the entire rest of the time in the game is beating Jonathan. Sundra says in an interview that Adam and Parvati are much more pleasant without Jonathan around. So she got to know them, and she's apparently realized that when bullies are out of the presence of their targets, hanging around with them can be really fun. She doesn't seem to understand that this is kind of how bullies get away with what they get away with, and that when you punish the target, that's when you become part of the problem.

We return to Aitutonga on Day 32. Yul, Becky, and Ozzy are around the fire when Ozzy asks what they think should be done about the food: "I think we should do something." "You mean hiding it?" Yul asks. Ozzy says that he just doesn't want to keep feeding Adam and Parvati and having them win challenges. (Remember, Adam won the last immunity challenge, so those two indeed have won the last two challenges.) Becky says that you logically don't feed "your enemies." Yul finally agrees that it might work to "hide the food for a couple of days." In an interview, Yul says that Ozzy catches most of the food, and that Adam and Parvati "keep winning" challenges. I don't know about that, but...okay. He tells us that the group has "tentatively decided" that, of all the food they catch, they're going to "maybe hide some of it." Yul has a fear of commitment, although not the most common kind, possibly. They decide to start with the coconuts, so they hurl them into the woods. "Now is a key pivotal moment, and I don't want to feed people that beat me," Ozzy interviews. "For Adam, Parvati, and Jonathan, no more coconuts," he adds. "They can go get their own." Hmm. I favored the hiding of food a lot more when it was related to failure to get off your ass and participate; I'm a little more nervous about it when it's aimed at weakening people for challenges. I'm also a little more nervous about Ozzy being the one to make this decision on his own, because I don't know if he would be my first choice if someone is deciding who does and doesn't get to share in the coconuts.

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