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Later, the reward folks return to camp. Their loved ones are not with them, but as it turns out, leftover food from the picnic is with them. Not only that, but they have little doggie bags, like they were encouraged to take the extra with them, which as far as I know does not usually happen. Hilariously, Becky announces in an interview that she, Yul, and Ozzy (I suspect this was mostly Becky and Yul) decided not to hide the scarce food they worked for after having food shared with them by people who already gorged themselves on food they got for free. I don't really see how this follows, but...okay. Becky also says that they have more fun when it's the six of them without Jonathan, so it's nice that he's on Exile Island. This is right where my head went, "Uh-oh." Because...sure. It's more fun when Jonathan isn't there, because when Adam and Parvati have no one to pick on, they don't pick on anyone and there's less tension. That's not a reason to send Jonathan home, if we're talking about the pleasantness of camp. Just send home Adam and Parvati, you know? That would equally solve the problem.

But it's time for the immunity challenge, and we're here at the challenge course. The tribe comes in, and then Jonathan comes back from Exile. He is wearing his stupid hat with a feather in it, which I already feel like I've seen too much of. "Hi, guys," he says. No one greets him. Jeff takes back the necklace from Adam, who complains about the loss of his "bling bling." I bet he got that from Nate, the Commissioner of Dead Slang Resuscitation. Jeff explains that, in today's challenge, you run a floating obstacle course twice, and each time, you're retrieving a bundle of pieces of pole. When you have both bundles, you tie them together with ropes and make a long pole, which you then use as a long poking device to grab two hanging rings, and then you're done. There are barrels and boxes and all kinds of stuff you have to hop across, and there will be lots of slipping on wet wood and banging of heads.

So the thing with this challenge is that it plays directly to Ozzy's strengths, in that it's all about agility in the water, and nobody else is ever really in it except Yul. Yul manages to stay close to Ozzy most of the way. Ozzy does have to retie his shorts after the first run; that's about all I can tell you that's interesting. Oh, and Sundra takes what looks like an extremely painful fall on the barrels that made me wonder whether the show's liability insurance had just freaked out. "Ozzy already untying his bundles, getting to work on his pole." Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. Ozzy "trying to figure out how much pole he has to work with." Oh, let's just get this over with before it gets any more inappropriate. Ozzy finishes assembling his pole, and he grabs the rings, and he has immunity, not like this is surprising at this point. Jeff asks whether anyone feels threatened tonight at tribal council, and only Adam and Parvati raise their hands. The show cuts to a shot of Jonathan and menacing music, which is not too terrifically subtle as far as foreshadowing. I mean, could Jonathan danger? Back to camp, everyone. What! Will! Happen?

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