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Aitutonga, Day 33, after the challenge. Ozzy interviews that the immunity challenge was perfect for him, and that he found it "hilarious" to watch as everyone else was "eating it all over the place." Indeed. Much eating of it was done by all. Everyone is sitting around chatting, and then when Jonathan comes over and joins them, they all stop talking. Speaking of "not very subtle." After a long silence reminiscent of petulant adolescents throughout history, Jonathan finally says to Becky something like, "So that's your sister," or "how's your sister," or "I like your sister" -- something. And Becky ignores him, and no one talks. Okay, I get deciding that the guy talks a lot and maybe you don't like him all the time, but actively refusing to answer him when he talks to you is uncalled for, and the fact that they all seem to be specifically trying to inflict some kind of social punishment on him really strikes me as off the charts as far as unfairness goes. Jonathan interviews that "there's clearly something up," because he did not just fall off the turnip truck, so to speak. He's aware of the environment growing steadily more hostile during the time he was gone. He says that he isn't sure how much of a shift has happened here, nor is he sure how much time there is to do anything about it. If he's only in trouble after Adam goes, then he's got a couple of days to fix it. If he's in trouble tonight, then it's substantially worse than that, because he has less time, and he's unlikely to be successful.

As Sundra and Becky head off into the woods, Jonathan follows them. It isn't clear whether they hear him and ignore him the first time he says "Guys," but it takes a second whisper of "guys" and a muttered "ladies" before they respond. "We're getting firewood," they say. He says, "Are we" "Yeah," says Sundra. "Is it Adam tonight?" he asks. "Isn't that what we said?" Sundra says impatiently. You know, for an actress, she's a very bad faker. Which is what Jonathan is thinking as he smiles wryly. He totally knows, and I'm at least pleased about that.

Seriously, this entire thing is so ridiculous. I mean, you don't have to be a genius to recognize that they're all bored, and they're all far from home, and they're all stressed out, and many of them have nothing in common at all and no way to connect to each other. What is Becky, a super-smart human rights lawyer, going to talk about with Parvati, who does Foxy Boxing? Very little. What is she going to talk about with Adam, who was on The Grind? People who don't know how to bond but are desperate to feel connected will often gravitate toward bonding over how much they hate the same person, which is why every office has a pariah and why there is a This is all kind of understandable as long as you recognize it as a character flaw in everyone involved. You can torture the person who "doesn't fit in" just to ever more firmly redraw the boundaries of your social group by emphasizing that they both include and more importantly exclude, but it doesn't actually relate that much to the merit of the person you're using for that purpose. Jonathan could be anyone -- an older lady, a fat guy, any loud guy, or any woman perceived as "bossy." There are certain types who never really fit in smoothly on games like this, and the more their tribes are desperate to find connection points and unable to do so, the more those types are going to be mistreated. It's not that there are no legitimate reasons to vote Jonathan off, but there are no legitimate reasons to refuse to speak to him.

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