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The Merge That Wasn't There

Previously on Survivor, Ted and Clay predicted an upcoming merge. Robb bit Ken's hand, which was fuckin' tryin' to feed him, and then fuckin' tried to feed himself, by biting into some contraband bananas. Sook Jai enjoyed a Thai feast, but didn't enjoy losing the Immunity Challenge, nor did they enjoy the resulting Tribal Council, which led to Robb's ejection. So maybe they did enjoy it after all. In any case, ten are left. Tonight, one more will go.

As the members of Sook Jai walk back from Tribal Council on Night 18, Erin says it was one of the hardest things she ever did. She tells us that after bonding as a tribe, it's hard to vote someone out because they are your family "for right now." Jake doesn't think anyone feels good about the vote, but promises that it will only get harder. Despite her Tribal Council misgivings, Erin doesn't feel completely confident about the allegiances of any of her tribe members. She lies inside the shelter with Penny, and the two women whisper about the relationship between Ken and Shii Devil; they think the two may already have an alliance. Back in the interview, Erin tells us she's keeping an eye on them.

Turns out we're keeping an eye on them too, as we join Ken and Shii Devil by the fire. Ken rants about his recent argument with Robb, and insists that he told the truth about everything. He reveals Penny's betrayal, and Shii Devil says, "It's kinda messed up that Penny keeps doin' that." So they've caught Penny in lies before? In any case, Ken responds that Penny's just playing the game, but "playing hard." Shii Devil says several times that Penny's playing "hardball," hoping Ken will catch on and agree. He finally does. He then calls Penny "sneaky," to which Shii Devil exclaims, "She's so sneaky about it!" In an interview, Ken explains that he is watching Penny because of her sneakiness. He knows her "MO," and sees right through it. He adds, "I can just picture her in high school. I know how she was when she was in high school." Even I hate high-school girls, and I was one. Ken knows how Penny "operates." Back at the fire, Shii Devil suspects that Penny wants to vote out Shii Devil, and Ken reveals that Penny has been after Shii Devil from the beginning. Shii Devil tells us in an interview that Ken was upset about Penny's manipulation; even though he knows that's just the way Penny is, he is still concerned because he's strong and will enter the merge as a target. Shii Devil and Ken continue to poke and walk around the fire. After a goodnight hug, they promise to "see [each other] tomorrow." But aren't they headed off to bed in the same place?

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