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The Merge That Wasn't There

A spiky branch. Magilla, clinging to a tree. I hope he's not clinging to a tree with spiky branches, because that would hurt. It's now Day 21. Shii Devil and Ted have fetched the treemail, which includes a "weird lock." They're really proud that they waited to be in the company of the others before reading the clue, which is all about paradise and prisons and "legends of convicts," and escaping. Helen screws up her face, and Shii Devil states, "So it's definitely for individual immunity." Jan immediately agrees, which is reason enough to doubt the conclusion. In an interview, Clay tells us that they're now combined, so that "when [they] have a challenge for immunity, [they] go as individuals." He says, "If I win tonight, I'm gon' put something around my neck. I cannot be voted for, and I cannot be kicked off at that Tribal Council." As the tribe discusses the challenge, Magilla observes them from the tree. The tribe then heads out, and Magilla seizes his big chance. As the tribe walks away, Magilla sneaks over to the basket and begins surreptitiously eating their food. They walk some more. He eats some more and looks around sneakily. Hee. Why am I not surprised that Magilla is smarter than the S10? He should get to compete in the reward challenges as well.

Shots of locks and keys greet us at the challenge. Singers howl. The S10 walk into the challenge in single file, where a visibly agitated Peachy awaits them. He reclaims the idol and says that first, he has to check in with them. He asks Erin if it was difficult to adjust to living together. She doesn't respond at first to Peachy's bait, and says it was much better "having both tribes live together." She then falls for the trap and continues, "I never would have expected our merge to have gone as smoothly as it has." And it's like she just said the "Word of the Day," but no one screams real loud and Chairry, Pterri, and Globey are nowhere in sight. Peachy says, "You said 'merge.' I certainly didn't say anything to give you that impression, did I?" Gong! Shii Devil looks around, puzzled. The others look puzzled too, but clearly Shii Devil's reaction is most important. Peachy points out that he precisely said, "two tribes will live together on the same beach," which is exactly what they've been doing. Ted acknowledges the dangers of assuming, and says he thought they were now one tribe, and that the challenge would be "more of a individual effort." Peachy states again that the challenge is between Sook Jai and Chuay Gahn, because "the two tribes never merged." Gong!

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