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The Merge That Wasn't There

A bunch of bats huddle at the top of the cave. One by one, they fly away until a single bat remains. If this were The Mole, this clue would reveal that vampiric Helen will win. Chuay Gahn walks back from the challenge, and Clay says that Peachy's revelation was like being at a Thanksgiving dinner where someone slapped him and "Grandma in both families split and start fightin' again." Seriously, it's like he's speaking a different language. I have no idea what that means. Jan demonstrates a distinct awareness of her surroundings and situation by telling us exactly what just happened moments ago. She says they were tricked, and are still two tribes vying for immunity. The members of Chuay Gahn can't believe that Sook Jai had to go straight to Tribal Council. They agree that anything can happen after today and Ted says, "Now we got a situation where we're sleepin' with the enemy!"

The members of Sook Jai arrive at Tribal Council wearing their serious faces. Peachy narrates that tonight's vote is important because it guarantees a spot on the jury and the chance to "be in this game one way or another until the end." Peachy asks the members of the group what went through their minds when they realized that the challenge was "still tribal." Erin was shocked because she thought they would arrive at the individual immunity challenge, get new buffs, and officially merge. Peachy says that the rain coming down is "sort of a fitting end to, uh, a turbulent three days." Jake's hat blows off his head and he quickly grabs it. That man's got some reflexes. Peachy congratulates him on the catch, and Jake sweetly says he'd hate to lose the hat. Peachy asks how the tribe has been affected by the non-merge. Jake answers that they'll be down by one person now, and will have to "reorganize [their] thoughts" and go back in with "some adaptable ideas." Peachy asks if Erin "reckon[s]" that some people shared information they now regret. Erin is disappointed because she knows some members of her tribe were working with Chuay Gahn. It was "disheartening" to see people she once trusted looking out for themselves instead of for the tribe. Peachy asks how Penny will vote, because "certainly there's some strategy in this." Penny doesn't answer the question, but joins Erin in indiscreetly bashing Shii Devil: she says she learned that one of her tribe members was planning on voting Penny out next, and that although she's trusted these people for the past eighteen days, in the last twenty-four hours, she's questioned that trust.

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