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The Merge That Wasn't There

Peachy suddenly says that Tribal Council is an "open forum," and Shii Devil emphatically nods and says, "Good." Peachy senses that there's "stuff goin' on," and Shii Devil jumps in to say, "I'd like to -- I'd love to speak." She then launches into a monologue beginning with, "This is not a tribe unified. It's never been a tribe unified. As much as everyone here would like to think it was a tribe unified, this has not been...the case." And what's with the whole "tribe unified" shtick? Why not just say a "unified tribe"? In any case, Shii Devil has felt the "brunt" of the lack of unity, and doesn't think it's surprising that she found in Chuay Gahn "five people who are really lovely." She says in talking to Chuay Gahn, she's realized that the people who mistreated her at Sook Jai are the same people the other tribe distrusts most. She says that Ken was the first person Chuay Gahn asked about, and that she watched his back. She was always loyal to Jake as well. She then turns to Penny and says, "Penny, you're manipulative." Hee. Shii Devil knows it's an unpleasant word, but says it's the best way to describe the way Penny's played the game. Shii Devil thinks that if Sook Jai votes her out instead of Penny, the Chuay Gahn tribe will get a bad impression of them. Penny speaks up to say that although she's had plenty of opportunities to vote out Shii Devil, she chose not to because they needed to go into the merge as a unified tribe of five. She's very smirky. She doesn't feel like she's manipulative, and says, "No matter what Chuay Gahn thinks or says, these are the people that I need to be with." Peachy asks whether Shii Devil is making a plea or offer, and Shii Devil calls out Jake, Ken, and Erin by name. She knows they're considering voting out Shii Devil, but promises that she hadn't made any decisions yet and would have told them if she had. She says, "I've not lied to you...yet," which is kind of funny since it implies she will lie to them in the future. Penny unabashedly grins, while Erin's eyes bug out. Shii Devil requests that the others look at the full eighteen days and not just the past twenty-four hours. She insists that she's on their side and that she has maintained her promise to them. She also adds that since she's been to Chuay Gahn's camp, "I think I know more intimately where their heads are...than any of you." She should have stopped while she was ahead. ["Or, she should have said that first -- that Sook Jai could use Shii Devil's knowledge of Chuay Gahn against them." -- Wing Chun] Peachy snits that there's clearly a "bit of a cloud" hanging over the tribe, and that the big question is how that information will impact the vote. He sends them off to vote.

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