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The Merge That Wasn't There

Shii Devil silently holds up Penny's name. No scathing commentary? Not even a proverb? Penny votes for Shii Devil: "What comes around goes around." We don't see what anyone else has to say.

As always, the decision will be final and the person voted out must leave immediately. Peachy doesn't say that person should not imitate Robb's lingering departure from last week. First, we see Penny's vote for Shii Devil, followed by Shii Devil's vote for Penny. It's suspenseful for about 2.5 seconds, before Peachy reveals that both the third and fourth votes are for Shii Devil. As she turns over her torch, Penny looks smug, and Jake looks very unhappy. Shii Devil thrusts her torch into its hole for snuffing and wishes the others good luck. Jake sadly watches Shii Devil go, while Penny continues grinning broadly. Peachy points out that the tribe will either rebound and get stronger or "fracture completely" from this point on. He tells them to think about it on the "long wet walk home."

If you get a buff, you'll be hugged by big strong guys like Robb. So don't get a buff, okay?

Next week on Survivor, the tribes adjust to living together, but since Ken doesn't go around pissing where he sleeps, it's a problem. And Helen -- who has some anger-management issues -- wants to kill Magilla.

As we see that it was a unanimous vote against Shii Devil (other than her own vote against Penny), she tells us that she "committed the classic error" of excessively plotting and scheming. It's been a really "humbling" and fun experience for her -- the last three days in particular. She wishes the others good luck and has no hard feelings. Then she's off to eat some chicken necks -- hopefully somewhere near Robb.

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