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The Merge That Wasn't There

The S10 cook noodles by the light of the moon and loudly talk over each other. Clay says, "Damn, you all gettin' excited. Give me the wine!" Erin tells us that it's "nuts bein' over here" at Chuay Gahn, and then we see Brian and Ken debate what kind of wine it is. Ken doesn't know, and jokes that it's "a fine chardonnay." My guess is that in Brian's kingdom back home, Boone's is the wine of choice. Erin reclines as she tells us that Sook Jai always talked about how boring life at Chuay Gahn must be, and that she never expected this. She's amazed, and already feels at home. Back around the camp, Erin jokingly slurs to Ken as they pass the wine, "Are you tryin' to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?" She gives him the hand as he responds, "You know how it is, baby." Jan drunkenly toasts something. In an interview, Brian tells us, "Jan, uh, well, Jan's, uh, a lush. And she admits it." That's the best kind of lush. Ted voice-overs, "Jannie doesn't drink....much," as we see Jan attempt to walk around the fire, and then totally wipe out. It's one of those stumbles that takes about fifteen full seconds before it's through, and it is not an easy fall. As the others exclaim and try to help, she says she just "hit the brick," so she's okay. Brian says to the group, "By the way, guys, that's Jan every night." She tells him to shut up and insist that it's not true. They don't have wine every night!

And then out of nowhere, there's singing. These people should never, ever sing. Ever. Shii Devil and Ted enthusiastically warble a blues song I don't know. You don't need to write and tell me what it is. Really, please don't. Shii Devil explains in an interview that they sang "campfire songs," in the sense that the song was sung around the campfire, but it wasn't exactly "Kumbaya." Helen bounces along and moans because she doesn't know the words, but can't admit it. Shii Devil is really proud of herself as the song concludes; she high-fives and acts exhausted by the entire singing experience. Shii Devils, in particular, should not sing the blues. She'll be singin' the blues later, but in a whole different way. Ted doesn't drink alcohol, so he's amused to watch other people get drunk. He tells us, "For me, it's always funny." Clay feels some "rock-in-roll comin'," as Ted continues voicing over that Brian took the guitar and played the worst thing Ted's ever heard. We see a blurry-eyed, slouching Brian strumming away and singing:

The way you feel about me [STRUM!]

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