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The Merge That Wasn't There

And I'm see you here and there [STRUM!]
But at the same time [STRUM!]
I sure wish [indistinguishable fast mumble STRUM!]
But at the same time [STRUM!]
I don't really give a damn [STRUM!]

The song itself is not nearly so funny as the various expressions of the others in the group. Erin is literally slack-jawed, and Ted and Shii Devil exchange a curious, snickery look. As the song trails off, the group tries to figure out if Brian is finished so that they can clap and be done with it. And also so that they can go hide the guitar someplace really far away. And oh my lord, I just realized that Brian actually brought that guitar along. It's his luxury item. Ted says that Brian was singing about moons and girls and was a "goner." We next see Brian stumbling down the beach with Ted as Clay exclaims in the background, "Brian's out of it right now. Too much wine!" As Ted guides him, Brian almost knocks Ted over and then clings to his shoulder to remain upright. Ted tells us that they walked down the beach to get Brian "some air." The end up in a cove, and Ted voice-overs that the situation reinforced this bond -- both as players and as friends. Brian drunkenly urges Ted to "watch out for NYC! Watch out for NYC!" and they agree that Ken's "out for blood." Ken's out for a million dollars, dummies. Ted is amazed that Brian, despite his total drunkenness, it still able to strategize. As we see a shot of Brian's back as he pukes, Ted says, "He has my back as much as I have his back." Brian dry heaves while Ted looks on.

Morning dawns on Day 20. Brian is up early and stumbling around the camp. Probably, he's still a little drunk. He tells us that the prior night was eventful, and then dumps some vomit-like substance from one pot into another; he swirls it around and inspects it. I know that's not really vomit, but it's gross nonetheless. Brian says, "I was talking to my good friend, Hurling Freddy," and blames the situation on "a little too much wine, too many crackers." He doesn't mind, though, because it shows the others he's "human" and "one of them." And the pathology finally reveals itself. I was waiting. Ted and Jan have also woken up, and Ted jokingly offers to get some more wine for Brian. Brian laughs if off and responds, "I feel like...I feel like Jan!" Brian tells us he has a "very subtle form of leadership. It's very low-key. It's very underhand." He says he knows exactly what's going on; although he didn't for a few hours the other night, he brags, "Most of the time I do!"

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