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The Merge That Wasn't There

Shii Devil and Brian walk off together, as Brian voice-overs that he knows there's some "cattiness going on with the girls" of Sook Jai. He says, "We'll see if I can use [Shii Devil] as part of my kingdom." They pick up sticks as Brian says that the next vote is going "towards P," which Shii Devil knows. In an interview, she tells us it was a dramatic morning, because the Chuay Gahn tribe approached her to join them in voting out Penny. Ken asked her if she was going to switch, and she explained that she was really confused and didn't know what to do. Shii Devil tells Brian that if she joins Chuay Gahn, she will betray two members of the Sook Jai tribe who trust her. Brian says that first instincts are usually the best, and she reveals that her first instinct is to vote against Penny. Still, she insists, Ken makes a good argument for staying with Sook Jai. Brian urges her to remember that she is now part of the Chuay Gahn family, and that they all love her. He says, "And you can feel it!" She is obviously flattered by the love and attention of the other tribe, and tells us in an interview that she told Chuay Gahn directly that she was on their side. She says, "I'm workin' a deal. I'm voting Penny out." As she and Brian walk off together, they agree that it's "gonna be a blast."

A black and orange spider takes a really long time to eat a little worm trapped in its web. Shii Devil tells us again that she's decided to vote for Penny. She wants to talk to Ken about it because she knows that's the "right thing to do." "Right thing[s] to do," would also include keeping her original word and not stabbing Jake and Ken in the back while screwing herself over in the process, but it's all subjective, I suppose. Shii Devil isn't sure if it's wise to reveal her plans to Ken. When Ken asks if she's figured out her voting plans, she starts to tell him, stutters for a while, then says she's "flip-flopping." He is upset because he'd defended her when everyone else accused her of being a traitor. She's gone back and forth on the decision, and he needs to know what she's going to do. In an interview, Ken tells us that she'll be considered a rat for the rest of her life if she turns on her tribe, and I think that's a little extreme. Shii Devil insists that she's confused, but Ken wants an answer. Shii Devil says, "I'm stayin' on your and Jake's side..." Ken sees this statement as promising until she adds, "But I'm not stayin' on Penny and Erin's side." And where has the "g" in "ing" gone in the English language? It's not so hard. Sesame Street needs to do a better job with these people. In any case, Ken knows Penny has to go and has already discussed it with Brian, but he wants Sook Jai to have the advantage first. In an interview, he explains that the tribes currently have even numbers; if Shii Devil votes against Penny, she's going to give Chuay Gahn the advantage "because [she's], like, a little snake. Now they're gonna invite [her] in." Ken says she's showing disloyalty, and that she will make herself an outcast on both sides by voting outside of her tribe. Again, Ken attempts to reason with Shii Devil; he knows she doesn't want Penny on the jury, but she shouldn't screw over everyone else, including herself, because she's mad at one person. He asks her to think about it and let him know. Isn't that where the conversation began? Anyway, Shii Devil tells us in an interview that she won't further discuss the situation with Ken because he used his "interrogation routine" on her, and "the policeman is comin' out." She thinks he was trying to intimidate her, and says she's willing at this point to gamble on voting out Penny and Erin and seeing what happens. If "see[ing] what happens" means "getting her ass voted out for betraying her tribe." Shii Devil walks by the tent, inside which Erin randomly rambles on to Penny and Helen about boys and their middle names.

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