Australia Reunion

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We go to commercial looking at the partying going down in Elisabeth's hometown of Boston.

In her audition tape, Elisabeth looks typically cute. She drives her car, goes over a pothole, and giggles. Alas, we're down to our last thirty seconds and Bryant "Defiant" Gumbel asks if she's the "sweet motherly Tina" we've seen on the show, or if she's a "ruthless" competitor. She says she's in the middle, and that you "gotta have a good balance in life," which seems like a reasonably honest answer. Bryant announces that the S16 will join him the next day on The Early Show, and that Tina will then receive her check. With Jerri fiercely nodding her head behind him, Bryant says that the S16 spent their time in the Outback with "millions judging their character." He's amazed that they "survived with as much dignity as they have," and concludes the special by wondering why people even watch the show, finally determining that this sick phenomena is best left to psychologists.

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