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Bryant then asks Bozo the Keith whether he was shocked when Colby selected Tina, and Bozo the Keith tells us that the last five days of the game were "enlightening for [him], just from a life standpoint." He says that the game wasn't about the money, and that he told the "two very important people in [his] life" that he did the best he could do. He then realizes that he should have at least three very important people in his life, and amends the group to include his fiancée. He also says he told his mom -- obviously not one of the two or even three most important people in his life -- the same thing. Bryant "Thrill of the Hunt" Gumbel can't let this go so easily, and tries to goad Bozo the Keith into some bitter comments by asking what he thinks of Colby giving up the prize just to prevent Bozo the Keith from winning it. Bozo the Keith jokingly says, "Well, call Colby a fool, then!" He goes on to say that he would have chosen Tina too, knowing she would have beaten him. But it was a no-win situation for Bozo the Keith, because he had to know that Colby would have beaten him, too. Bozo the Keith tells Bryant that the game was about building relationships; he says that Tina earned the win. Bryant still doesn't get the reaction he's looking for, and repeats all the mean stuff Tina and Colby said about Bozo the Keith after they kicked him off. Bozo the Keith admits, "That stuff hurt!" but says he took it in the "scope of the game."

Bozo the Keith wants to talk some more, but Bryant gets bored and moves on. He wants to know which of the four jury members voted for Tina: it was Jerri, Bozo the Keith, Alicia, and Elisabeth. Alicia sounds surprised that Elisabeth didn't vote for Colby. Looking very lovely, Alicia says she's impressed that Tina made it through the end without winning any challenges. This suggests that Alicia penalized Colby because he did win challenges, but she denies it. I think maybe she did...just a little, but that's her prerogative. She does what she wants to do. It's her prerogative. Me and you. Anyway, Alicia continues that Tina won through strategy and "had to be doing something right." Elisabeth -- who received some eyeliner application help from Colby's mom and her makeup -- says that the vote was very hard, because she'd developed respect and love for the others "as people." As opposed to what they really are. She says that Colby's "potential is outstanding," which sounds like she's saying that Tina doesn't have any potential, but that's not what she means. Basically, Elisabeth voted the way she did because Tina planned to donate the interest earned on her winnings (previously determined by Wing to be laughable) to a family in need. Elisabeth would like that idea...since she came up with it. Elisabeth does not endear herself to me here. Or ever, lately. She saddles up the horse, which is getting really tired by now, and says, "As we all know I'm an emotional person," and rolls her eyes. She spurs the horse and continues, "Guess how I voted. By my heart." Like all the others voted by their sphincter muscles. Bryant asks Nick why he voted for Colby, and he says that "outside the context of the game," Colby tried to get to know him. John Harvard rolls over in his grave when Nick says that he and Colby had "conversated." Bryant asks whether Colby's comment--that had it not been for Mike's accident, Nick would have made the final two -- influenced his vote, and Nick says it might have, and laughs it off. Lamber says that Tina and Colby both gave "great answers," to her question and then realizes that it doesn't make much sense to compare buying a Harley for oneself and starting a charity, so she tries to pretend like she made a joke. Bryant tries to cut her off because he's well aware that she's a bore, but she keeps talking and says she voted "with [her] guts." Nasty Lamber voting with her nasty guts while sweet Elisabeth's voting with her pure-as-snow heart. Rodger finally gets bored with her droning on and cuts her off. He says that since the vote, he's wondered many times whether he made the right choice. Not that it would have mattered. He says that the close vote reflects on both Tina and Colby. Bryant then asks Colby whether the game is flawed because after dominating all the challenges he didn't win. Colby doesn't agree. Rodger then points out that Colby's is thirty years younger than he is, and Bryant points out that he and Rodger are the same age. As much as I love Rodger and snerk over Bryant Gumbel, Rodger looks like he could be Bryant's dad.

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