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Bryant asks Rodger about his original intentions to be straightforward in playing the game. Rodger says that he was straightforward, but that he couldn't really play the game on the level he thought he could; basically, he says the players in the final two were dishonest, and that the way he played wasn't a bad thing in the long run. He says that the first thing he told his wife when he got off the plane was that he didn't do anything he was ashamed of. But that's not true, since he's since revealed he felt bad about lying to Debb when she asked him not to make the vote against her unanimous. We go to commercial with the revelation that there's a big old Survivor party in Miami tonight.

In Colby's audition tape, we see him riding a bull in a rodeo. He looks embarrassed about it. Bryant feels the need to point out that it wasn't Colby's first rodeo. And now, the part no one cares about: the pre-screened audience questions. And older man asks how Rodger got the nerve to jump into "that water." Rodger says he didn't want to let the others down, and that it was the hardest thing in his life. They show the clip again, which made me cry the first time it aired. Bozo the Keith says, "You didn't see -- we actually pushed him."

A homely girl stands up and asks "as a fellow Rhode Islander," which she thinks is terribly funny, what was Elisabeth's scariest encounter with the Outback wildlife. Elisabeth says it was the size of the Bloomin' Onion. No, really -- Elisabeth says the outside latrine was the worst part; her imagination got the best of her in the dark. Jeff then reveals that he used to escort Elisabeth and Alicia to the bathroom at night and then pinch them so they'd think it was a wild animal. Jeff and Mad Dog so needed to be on the same team. Kel then opines that his scariest encounter was Jerri. And as much as I hate Jerri and as much as the audience most likely hates Jerri, I think all of us are ready for Kel to give it up. ["Seriously. It was funny the first time. Quit milking it." -- Wing Chun]

Bryant asks how many toothbrushes they had, and Kucha says there was one for each of them after two weeks; Ogakor had nothing. Then they all talk about the various items they used to brush their teeth. Alicia reveals that Nick kissed her one day "right on the lips." It's a long story, but Bryant wants Nick to tell it anyway. Nick says that right after they first brushed their teeth, Alicia was like, "I'm so clean, I'm so fresh, who wants to kiss me?" and he took that as an invitation. Bryant asks why Jerri didn't try it, and I'm not sure if he means brushing her teeth or kissing Nick. She says, "I would have kissed him anyway!" We're suddenly back on the sex thing. Colby says there were distractions from the women on the team more early in the game than later. Maybe he means Mad Dog and her hysterically distracting commentary. She's definitely in the special risen to Talking Mad Dog territory. In any case, Bryant says he's not going to "pursue it."

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