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A slow-talker stands up and congratulates Tina "on behalf of Reebok." I'm assuming she works for them. Or maybe not, and I'll start going around telling people at work, "On behalf of Reebok, thanks for helping out with that," or "I really like that tie, on behalf of Reebok." She wants to know why Michael painted his face with blood after killing the "wild" boar. Michael explains that he didn't want to tell Ogakor that they'd successfully hunted, but that he was outvoted by the others. He decided, since they were going to tell the other tribe, that they should show up at the challenge with blood on their faces. Another great office prank foiled. Kimmi sarcastically says she would have painted her face with the blood, and Michael hugs her saying, "It was meant to be a joke. For Kimmi."

Ever polite Bryant asks Mitchell, "Weren't you overmatched?" Mitchell says that he kept wondering when he'd get to go home, but that leaving was still a huge yet welcome shock. In another revelation, Mitchell proves he's both scarecrow and tin man when he makes a point of saying he got to know "the Debb nobody else did," and that she is a "wonderful and amazing woman." Debb looks partly pleased and partly skeptical.

Bryant says that some of them have noted that Survivor is a life-changing experience. He doesn't say that some of them have noted it over and over and over again. Talking Mad Dog says, "Bryant, I've already gone through the change of life," and Bryant won't pursue that one either. Bryant asks Bozo the Keith how participating in the game was cleansing, and Bozo the Keith says he's now in counseling with Jerri. He goes on to say he's had failures and successes in his life as a forty-one-year-old divorcé with two children. He pretty much said the same thing in one of his pensive confessionals in the last episode. Bozo the Keith says he's learned to apologize to himself and has since "moved onto a whole new game, all about life." His fiancée applauds him and then resumes "Miss Lucy had a Steamboat" with the person sitting next to her. Bryant says that they're going to "come back [from commercial] and do some more business." They will then let us in on the "secret" of the next season. He begs for applause for the "band."

We learn that, on her audition tape, Alicia stalked with a boomerang a parasol-carrying fake kangaroo through Central Park. She's very excited that the kangaroo, her friend Peter, is in the audience. Peter is a very red-faced non-marsupial in a blue shirt. Bryant says "the mud is barely dry on the shoes of the castaways," but that he's not sure the sweat is. Who needed to know that? He then introduces a preview of Africa, full of typically melodramatic Just Peachy exposition. We are advised "not [to] be fooled," and shown the threatening hippo-cam and cougar-cam. The giraffe-cam doesn't do much for me. In any case, who didn't know that the next season was taking place in Africa? The video concludes with, "The continent may have changed, but the game is still the same: outblah, outblah and outblah." The new logo now features a picture of Mitchell. On closer inspection, it's a giraffe. Colby's advice to future participants is to "expect the absolute worst." The others all agree that this is good advice.

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