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Bryant then asks them to compare themselves to last season's cast, and points out that the Borneo S16 had philosophical discussions about "religion, about children out of wedlock, about sexual orientation, about family." That's because Talking Rudy Doll had "philosophical discussions" programming. Talking Mad Dog might have been similarly wired, but they voted her off too soon. The new S16 argue that they did have such conversations, and Elisabeth says they weren't for the sake of the cameras, and suggests that the last cast's were. Because I'm sure Talking Rudy Doll was trying to impress America with his homophobia and general close-mindedness. Debb finally decides to participate by announcing that Kucha had "a two-hour spirited discussion on farting [the] first night." Bryant says they might have to call it a "bilabial fricative." Because we can't say that "f" word on television now? Jerri says it sounds gross; for once I agree with her.

Michael then calls out Bryant for focusing on the negative relationships of their time in the Outback. He says that he didn't meet Bozo the Keith or Tina while they were there, but they're two of his best friends now. He points out Rodger and Elisabeth, and Alicia and Jeff, as being inseparable pairs. He then cites Kel and Jerri, which is a joke. ["Or a 'joke.'" -- Wing Chun]

As the show winds down, Tina announces that she has a story to tell about Jeff. She says that when she first met him, she thought he was a "player." By "player," she means a "compassionate sweet guy," which is a different definition than mine. She says that on the night Jeff was voted off, Barramundi had caught thirteen fish and put them on a stringer in the water. When the team returned to camp, the fish were all gone, and they determined that the crocs had had a snack. She later found out that Jeff, suspecting he'd be voted off, had destroyed their dinner. The whole group erupts hearing this news; I don't even think Alicia knew, but then how did Tina find out? Jeff is really pleased with himself and Tina turns around and says, "You're evil, you're evil!" ["Everyone at Wing Manor agreed that in Jeff's place, we'd have screwed over the people who'd screwed us in exactly the same way. Jeff is such a bitch!" -- Wing Chun] And suddenly Talking Mad Dog's on her feet, playing the intro to the show's theme song on what I now know is a didgeridoo. She's pretty good, too, since I can sort of make out the tune, whereas after five years of taking violin as a child no one still had any clue what the hell I was playing.

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