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Clarence "Beans" Black is back in Detroit as he tells us that he's a city kid at heart. He explains that he used to be a financial consultant, and a proud man tells us that Clarence was his stockbroker. He shows us the menu for "Green's Place," and explains that the investments Clarence set up turned a profit, which enabled him to open the business. Clarence tells us he was stuck in the 9-5 rat race and realized that it just wasn't for him. He says Survivor was his first trip outside of the United States, and that it was an awesome experience. He adds, "And the food was good, too!" Now when he sees a gazelle he thinks, "Man, you're a good piece of meat." Clarence's friend Gerald Conoway points out that, with Clarence, everything always comes back to food. He says that when the episode aired in which Boran thought Clarence took two cherries, his first thought was, "Yeah, Clarence took two cherries." Clarence insists again upon his desire to launch a career as a food critic as he shows off some of the entrees at Green's Place: barbecue, some exceptionally yellow macaroni and cheese, and greens, which he calls a delicacy. There's a man in the kitchen with Clarence who appears to be wearing a long, green dress. It turns out to be an apron, but for a moment I wondered what Big Momma was doing there. Clarence says that the Survivor experience taught him to be himself, but also made him realize that he had to come up with new goals. He wants to see more exotic places "and not just be a city dweller."

Diane "Got Her Feathers Clipped" Ogden wakes up in Lincoln, Nebraska and tells us that being a single mother is not a chore or a duty; it's a way of life. We watch her shower, and then she stands in front of a mirror looking Just Peachy svelte in a black sweater and pants; she fluffs up her hair and proclaims, "That's it!" Diane says she always wears makeup because it makes her feel ready for the day. We see that her house is painted very bright colors; she wakes up her sleepy son, who hugs her tightly. She tells us that because she couldn't make any contact with her family while she was in Africa, she wanted to make sure her son knew she didn't get "eaten by a lion." Diane has a knife fight with her son. (A pretend knife fight.) She enjoys this down-time before "another hectic day" at the post office. Diane -- who, like Jessie, has candles in front of her during her at-home confessional, says she loves her house because "it's bright, it's fun, it's happy; I'm bright and fun and happy so..." I love it, too. Except for the alien stuff. There are also some disturbing masks hanging from the walls. Diane's son Alex says he feels like he's "inside a box of colors" when he's at home. He continues, "And when you go to another house, you just feel like you're in a regular box of brown or white." Diane brags that she's "real good at carrying mail." Diane thinks the Survivor audience didn't get to know her, and I agree with her on that point. I like her a lot better in this segment than I did in Africa. We see footage of the bean incident, and she says of Clarence, "He lied. He knows he lied." And he's publicly admitted to having lied, so I think she needs to give it up. Diane is more sensitive since Survivor, and she doesn't take things for granted anymore. Her son loves her. Aw.

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