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Crap from Africa

Peachy warns us that in the next segment we'll go "hot-tubbin'" with Kimj. There's also some "mud-slingin'" ahead from all of the S16, which suggests one of the montages where they make commentary on each other. We find out that Tom didn't like Clarence "worth snot."

Little fires flicker all around the Tribal Council set as Peachy explains that the S16 -- after being voted off -- weren't allowed any further communications with their tribe, and thus are each due "a parting shot."

First up is Clarence: Kelly just says his name; Teresa sighs. Lindsey thinks he "loves to talk about himself," and Clarence, of course, "like[s] him a lot. He's my favorite." We already know that Tom likes Clarence "worth snot."

Lex Loser wants to cut off Kelly's head. Kelly herself squeals in a most unappealing way, and then Lex Loser insists again that the head be cut off right away. No one else has anything to say about Kelly.

Frank calls Lex Loser "eccentric," and Brandon thinks Lex Loser is "a sixteen-year-old livin' in a forty-year-old's body."

Silas just says Lindsey's name, and Tom calls her "a bit of a whiner." Teresa, Kelly, and Lindsey all use the same word: "emotional." Lex Loser tells Lindsey, "You're sweet. You were in over your head, though, sweetie."

Tom enthusiastically gives himself the thumbs up, and then Kelly calls him "a dirty old pervert that [she] love[s]." Silas and Brandon start and finish each others' words together, calling him "a good old country boy." Tom yelps, "It's a sickness; it's a sickness."

Kimj thinks Silas's smile could "knock your socks off," and Lex Loser just thinks Silas loves himself. A digitally enhanced clip (with sound effects!) follows of a sparkle-toothed Silas. I've always found tooth graphics to be gross, but I'm sure Carl appreciated it.

Kelly calls Ethan "quiet," and Ethan sits there and looks stupid. Kimp calls Ethan a "super-sweet guy -- shy," and Ethan sits there and looks abashed. Carl thinks Ethan is "Mr. Lovable," and I'm wondering -- did those two even meet? Linda says Ethan has great hair, and this is followed by a picture of Ethan sporting an unbelievably large afro.

Members of the S16 say Frank's name and sigh. Teresa calls him "Frankie," and Tom thinks he's "hard-core. " Silas just says "Green Beret" while Lindsey makes deer antler gestures.

Frank concludes that Brandon is " a different world," and no one else has anything to add to that.

Tom says of Jessie, "What a woman!" Lex Loser thinks she's "hot!"

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