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The nice music plays as we see Rodger sook-sook-sooking his cows in Kentucky. He says that he’s the same person he was before Survivor, and that his cows still look at him the same way. He has a “good wife, nice daughter, nice-son-in-law” and is “well pleased” with living on the farm. Daughter Angela tells us that her dad was reserved before he left for the Outback, and that the show has “opened the doors for showing our feeling[s].” Rodger tells us he has a deeper appreciation for the things at home. Wife Pat guessed that the young ones on the show might see him as a father figure because he loves his daughter so much. Elisabeth then tells us that Rodger made the Outback home for her, and that her dad was so happy that she had “someone like that by [her] side.” Rodger says that going on Survivor was never about the money for him -- he wanted to see how he’d do in a survival situation. We then see different shots of Rodger as he struggled through physical challenges in the Outback. His daughter tells us that the cliff-jumping challenge was upsetting for the family because Rodger couldn’t swim and had back trouble. Jeff says he realized “that’s what it’s all about” when Rodger jumped off the cliff. Rodger’s daughter tells us that the experience has been a ride for the family and for their community. The little red-headed girl shows up and says, “This little town -- it wasn’t popular, but when he was on Survivor it made our town like so popular and it’s great! It’s just so awesome because like [sic] I’ve got a famous guy on my shirt, his signature and everything!” Rodger says that he was approached by “a girl” he was in elementary school for an autograph and he was like, “Louise, what do you want with my autograph for? I said, ‘I’ve known you since I’s [sic] six years old!’” Reality television will never find a more endearing character than Rodger Bingham. Certainly not Kelly Wiglesworth, who tells us of Kimmi as we go to commercial that when you “start interfering with people’s food you’re not gonna last too long.”

Peachy welcomes us back and says the players in the next group prepared themselves for the Survivor experience by living in New York. Jeff Varner tells us that the show was the most unbelievable and “life-altering” thing he’s experienced. He says he’s lived in New York for seven years and was burned out; he woke up one morning and said his life couldn’t stay that way. He tells us he learned early in his life that going through a difficult thing changes you. Survivor for him wasn’t about winning the money -- although he admits he did try very hard to win it -- but about becoming a different person. Since none of these people are actually playing for the money, why don’t they just change the prize to “a more fulfilled life” or “better relationships with your friends and family”? We then see a montage of Jeff shots, including Jeff retching at Tina during the food wheel challenge, followed by a montage of shots of Jeff in his various media appearances, like Jeff telling Letterman he was voted off “'cause [he] was strong,” which cracks the audience up for some reason. Jeff is surprised and happy that he now has an agent. Jeff now has headphones on in front of a microphone while he fields answers from various radio stations. One of the reporters asks what the deal was between Michael and the pig, and Jeff answers, “He killed it and we ate it.” Another reporter asks if he masturbated on Survivor, and Jeff puts his head in his hands. I think Jeff needs his own talk show.

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