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Sixteen Strangers, Two Giant Boobs, and One Just Peachy

Fire-making then commences at Maraamu, led by Hunter, with Vecepia and Gina working while Sean looks on. In a confessional, Vecepia says that she tried her hardest for fifteen minutes and they got some "good smoke," but couldn't get the fire completely going. Peter tells us that the problem with lighting a "fiya" is maintaining the airflow. He is then summoned by the fire-starters as he continues telling us that because he's into yoga, he was able to take nice long deep breaths and "work from the diaphragm." Middle Eastern music plays in the background, and as the fire ignites, Peter Pandit concludes, "Yoga definitely helps with lighting the fiya." There's lots of back-slappy happiness at Maraamu as they celebrate the fire.

One sure way not to be picked for Survivor? List "carbonated, green, gag-reflex-inducing green beverages" as your least favorite drink on the application. Yup, Mountain Dew's back as the sponsor.

Ooh, another scuttling crab, and it's a big one this time. It's now Night 1 at Maraamu, and the tribe sits around the fire. Sarah says that if she wins any amount of money, she'll buy a monkey. A smitten Rob bumbles that he wants a monkey, too. If Sarah said she wanted venereal disease, and a tuna fish and spaghetti sandwich, and a cardboard box, Rob would clearly want the same. Rob grins moronically as Sarah is perplexed that he, too, wants a "little Curious George." Vecepia tells us in a confessional that Sarah has "a very cute body -- she paid a lot for it." Nevertheless, Vecepia abides by the old "if you've got it, flaunt it" rule; this is accompanied by clips of Sarah strutting about camp -- still wearing her bikini -- and then nearly wiping out. Hee. We can only hear festive flute music at this point, so it's impossible to know what Sarah is really doing or thinking or saying when suddenly she's on her feet and giggling while wriggling in and out of a little skirt while the others look on. Vecepia doesn't think Sarah is "using her body to get through this game," but she does think that if Sarah "connects" with the right individual, it will help her go further. ["Is 'connects' a new euphemism for 'fellates'?" -- Wing Chun] Sarah and Rob then leave the fire, and Rob crawls into the raft. Sarah wants to know if it's comfy. When Rob says it's like a waterbed, Sarah launches herself onto it and then squeals because it's not like a waterbed, but like a semi-deflated raft sitting on the hard ground. Gina tells us in a confessional that there was definitely a flirtation between Rob and Sarah. We see Sarah posturing that they could just fill the raft with water and let it "cook in the sun" in order to make a hot tub or a little swimming pool. As she and Rob continue feeling each other out (out, people, I said "out"), the other members of the tribe sleep in an uptight little line and look peeved. Gina says that Rob and Sarah separated themselves from the group, and she wonders whether they were flirting or making an alliance. Then Rob and Sarah spoon, and we learn that Sarah did actually bring some clothes with her to Marquesas.

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