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Don't Come Back, Shane

Cirie interviews that Shane believes that Aras is voting for Chiclets, when in fact, Aras and Chiclets are voting for Shane. She says that while she's had the most long-standing alliance with Chiclets and Aras, Chiclets might beat her in an F2 situation, and Shane, of course, will not. She's counting up votes, and she thinks Courtney might stay with Chiclets, and then there's Austin, and there's Bruce, who Cirie thinks had a sort of thing for Chiclets, I guess...she's nervous about going forward with Chiclets. Shane, for his part, says he thinks he could beat any of these people. Ha! Shane then tells the tribe, "No tricky votes, like, 'I can't get him; he's on the ridge.'" He tells them -- ha ha! -- that if he's going tonight, they should just tell him. Ha ha! And they assure him that he's not, ho ho! Of course not! Cirie interviews that she loves Aras, but she's going to do whatever she can to stay in the game. "Somebody's going to be surprised tonight," she declares.

Tribal council. The group enters and sits down. Jeff brings in the jury. Courtney is doing her best Sideshow Bob, and she blows a kiss with two fingers, which makes me think of hit men and Sammy Sosa at the same time, which is uncomfortable.

Jeff asks Terry whether he found it difficult to hand out love to other people. Terry immediately talks about being in "a God position," and Aras rolls his eyes. Understandably. That's just so...unnecessary, you know? "I'm afraid if I offended anybody," Terry says, "but I think it all worked out okay." Of course you do! You got laid, asshole! Jesus. Jeff asks Cirie how H.B. liked camp, and she says that he was glad to have the experience, but was very happy to go home. She says that it was "once in a lifetime" for them. And Shane, how was his time with Boston? Shane calls it "a magical, magical vacation with him." He says that he thought how there was nowhere else he would rather be than watching the sunset with Boston. Other than watching it with a young Jodie Foster. Just kidding! Mostly!

And now, the immunity challenge. Jeff asks Aras about the competition between him and Terry, and Aras says that losing over and over again just makes it "more fun," which: bullshit, and then Terry smirks insufferably, which: also bullshit, and this is where Judge Marilyn Milian would say it's time to call off the game of quien es mas macho? As Jeff asks Terry the next question, Terry winks at the jury, which is so, so gross. Aras makes the excellent point that challenges are only one thing, and you'll never get your hands on the million if nobody likes you. Terry rolls his eyes again, because it's true, so he can't think of what else to do. Nodding as if Aras has a point is obviously not an option. Aras's mom probably told him to say that.

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