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Don't Come Back, Shane

Jeff asks Shane whether he can be trusted. "Yes, absolutely," Shane says. He goes on to talk about how he hasn't betrayed anyone and so forth. Not lied, not cheated -- "My integrity is 100% intact." Asked whether she can be trusted, Chiclets has to think for a minute, while Courtney sticks out her tongue. No demonstrations, jury. Chiclets talks about how you lose trust in people when you hear that they're plotting against you. "You have to make moves in the game to further yourself," she says. Asked whether he was really trying in the immunity challenge, Shane says that he does feel like he's kind of being brought along on the theory that he's beatable in F2. "More easily than, like, Cirie, who's a mother of three and an unbelievable person. Or Aras, who's the golden boy, who at any point could levitate home." It's interesting to me that Aras is perceived that way, because "golden boy" was not so much on my list of descriptors.

Jeff asks Chiclets how worried she is, and she says she's nervous, especially after a couple of days away. She's not comfortable, to say the least.

Time to vote. Is Terry going to give away the immunity necklace? Nah. Terry would never engage in strategy that complicated. Aras votes for Shane: "Sorry, brother." Chiclets votes. Terry votes. Shane votes for Chiclets. Cirie votes.

Now, it's time to read the votes. First vote: Chiclets. Second vote: Shane. He flinches. Second vote: Shane. His mouth drops. Third vote: Shane. You're gone, dude. Shane actually does laugh, to his credit. He grabs his torch and goes to be snuffed. As he approaches Jeff, Shane turns and says, "Oh, my God, I'm going to have a chocolate ice cream bar in about one -- like, one minute." Ha! Shane's best moment ever. Snuff! Jeff says that in both of the last two rounds, the person booted has been shocked. Grab your torches! Get out of here!

In his final interview, Shane says that he was shocked, but he doesn't seem particularly bitter, and he calls his son "Bobo." Hee.

Next week: Cirie has had about enough of Terry. "Make an attempt to talk to people like you want to be talked to," she says, and...God, SERIOUSLY. Aras and Terry get in to something fierce at the challenge. Chiclets aligns with Terry. Boo!

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