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Don't Come Back, Shane

"So anyway," Terry says around the fire, "that's what it came down to. Danielle's twenty-four years old, and it was only her mom." Without raising his voice, Aras says, "Just so you know, man, twenty-four or not twenty-four, everybody out here wanted to see their families. Just as bad as you wanted to see Trish, I wanted to spend a night with my mom. And to think, 'Well, it's just a mom' -- that rubs me the wrong way when you say that." Again, Aras has not raised his voice, he has not lost his temper -- he has done nothing but express his opinion that it's unfair for Terry to assume that a relationship with someone's mother can be dismissed out of hand as "just her mom." Note that Aras is not addressing all people's relationships ever; he is just saying that in this situation, everyone wanted time with family just as much as Terry did, and it's unfair to assume that's not true just because the relationship is with a parent. And what in the hell does being twenty-four have to do with it? Nothing, that's what.

Terry, on the other hand, climbs right up on his high horse and opens his lecture about how Aras is single, and thus knows nothing: "When you get married, in my viewpoint, there's no choice. If I had a choice to see my wife, or I had a choice to see my mother, I'm seeing my wife." That is the stupidest analogy of all time, you asshole! That's not the question! It's not who a person with both a wife and a mother would choose to see; that's asinine. Aras interviews that Terry could have at least shown a little sympathy, given that he just got to be with his family overnight, and Aras didn't. Which: seriously. Even if the rest of this wasn't horribly presumptuous, it's unbelievably tin-eared, selfish, and insensitive not to recognize that Aras is a person who got screwed -- whether it's the only way Terry knew of to do it or not, there's no need to be an asshole about it. As if we would expect Aras to say, "Gee, Terry, you're right -- I actually don't give a shit that I didn't get to spend any time with somebody who loves me."

Back in their conversation, Aras points out to the rest of the group that they have been out here for thirty-three days. "[My mom] is my rock," he says. Aras adds that Terry is denying that one person's rock is as important as another person's rock. Terry interviews: "Here I have some twenty-four-year-old kid lecturing me -- 'my mom is my rock, and she means as much to me as your wife means to you.'" He goes on to brag how cool it was that Aras got upset, and hell -- all he had to do was denigrate the guy's relationship with his mother, right? What could be cooler than that? Back in their discussion, Terry announces: "When you have a wife, you'll know this. When it happens to you, it'll happen."

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