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Don't Come Back, Shane

Oh, my God. Terry is seriously the stupidest person ever. Has he learned nothing -- nothing -- about the way people on a jury vote? No significant number of jurors have ever considered work around camp or the winning of challenges when they cast their final votes. Listen to me, and listen well: Nine times out of ten, a juror's vote is cast to make the outcome consistent with the story as they want it to end, based on where they want to place themselves in the story. If you never learn another thing from watching this show, you should remember this: people vote in order to make the story end in a way that allows them to live with their role in it. Lex voted for Amber, because in the story in Lex's head, Boston Rob is an evil manipulator who was, in the end, foiled by the jurors he betrayed. Ami voted for Twila, because in the story in Ami's head, she played that game attempting to unite the women, and she ultimately showed her loyalty to that goal. People cast votes in order to build a story they can live with that will cause them not to hate themselves for losing a million dollars. They do not vote for the person who worked the hardest, or for the person who won challenges, or for the person who overcame the largest odds. Spite! They vote out of spite! Even the nice ones, they usually vote out of spite! It's what makes the show irresistible! Don't fight it!

Aras and Chiclets have a chat. "Shane had my word, and he lost it," Aras says, presumably talking about the part where he found out that Shane intended to take Courtney and Cirie to F3 and throw him over. Chiclets says that she thinks it's kind of amusing how Shane thinks he's in control of the game and everything. Aras interviews that Shane's maneuvering makes him no longer feel at all guilty about getting rid of Shane. Therefore, he pulls Cirie aside for a chat. He tells her about the plan to boot Shane. Chiclets tells us that she and Shane are looking to get rid of each other, but she trusts her bond with Cirie: "It's so key in this game to have one person that you can trust." Cut to, of course, a highly metaphorical snake. Shane and Cirie discuss how they're going to get rid of Chiclets, and then they'll get rid of Aras -- but not in a way that will make it look like they're betraying him, because he'll remember that when they get to the jury. Cirie promises Shane that she's 100% with him. Shane asks whether she, Chiclets, and Aras are after him, and Cirie says that they're not. "I feel good," Shane announces. "I think we're probably good to the three."

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